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"Every experience God gives us . . . is the perfect preparation for the future only He can see."--Corrie ten Boom

Corrie ten Boom was a Dutch watchmaker who became a heroine of the Resistance, a survivor of Hitler's concentration camps, and one of the most remarkable evangelists of the twentieth century. In World War II she and her family risked their lives to help Jews and underground workers escape from the Nazis, and for their work they were tested in the infamous Nazi death camps. Only Corrie among her family survived to tell the story of how faith ultimately triumphs over evil.

Here is the riveting account of how Corrie and her family were able to save many of God's chosen people. For 35 years millions have seen that there is no pit so deep that God's love is not deeper still. Now The Hiding Place, repackaged for a new generation of readers, continues to declare that God's love will overcome, heal, and restore.

"A groundbreaking book that shines a clear light on one of the darkest moments of history."--Philip Yancey, author, The Jesus I Never Knew 

"Ten Boom's classic is even more relevant to the present hour than at the time of its writing. We . . . need to be inspired afresh by the courage manifested by her family."--Jack W. Hayford, president, International Foursquare Church; chancellor, The King's College and Seminary

"The Hiding Place is a classic that begs revisiting. Corrie ten Boom lived the deeper life with God. Her gripping story of love in action will challenge and inspire you!"--Joyce Meyer, best-selling author and Bible teacher

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Customer Reviews

kicking kim ,

Gods fingerprints

I could not stop reading this book, I took it to work and read it between seeing patients, I hadn’t sleep hardly I got 2 days between work and reading, I wasn’t tired. I was inspired by how Gods fingerprints guided Corrie Ten Boom through her life and work. Miracles of fleas and misery that lifted up the life’s of those enduring unimaginable horrors into Gods comforting Love.

StarAW ,

Absolutely Inspiring

This is a wonderful story of human courage and perseverance. It shows how the Lord works in ALL things. It inspired me to be a better person every day.

Heathiecat ,

Just what I needed.

I for one hate sponsored post or suggestions on Facebook because they never serve interest. Till a description about Corrie’s life and triumphs came across my screen. Down the rabbit whole I went researching her and finding her book, reading reviews all gushing about her and especially her faith. One of the best choices I made to read her work. I will admit, I found myself wiping tears multiple times as I could not understand her unwavering strength. Her whole viewpoint has allowed me to see a different side all the amazing things God actually does and that no matter how tough the journey was, she ultimately knew he had a greater plan for her and truly has a greater plan for all of his children, if only we could just stop and listen to his word.

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