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Healing know-how for foot pain relief, back support, and postural guidance for walking in high heels - as well as for running, cycling and climbing stairs in any shoe. Comprehensive advice from a New York City Pilates teacher and Backbone and Wingspan movement expert: Herald specializes in helping people improve posture by strengthening the back body muscles and the foot, leg and hip connections which support the spine. The verbal text is structured to precisely align with a vast range of illustrations, photos and video segments to reveal feet from different angles, simplify complex anatomical relationships, and illuminate bodily depths from muscles to connective tissues down to the tendons and bones. Broad and useful advice on calves and hamstrings stretching, plantar fasciitis, and shaping problem areas such as the butt and saddlebags, as well as elongating waistlines. Learning to integrate movement and support from hips-to-heels helps heal metatarsals, hammertoes and weak ankles, assists in alleviating ailments such as sciatica and bursitis, and supports knee and hip joint issues, lumbar spine mobility and sacroiliac stability. Herald also has a background as a musical theater and night club performer - witness in photos and stories how he has more than just “walked in your shoes” -  transforming the healing expertise into a “heightened” experience.
Herald is the sobriquet, nom de plume and archetype of the artist formerly known as Tim Driscoll. As the director of Backbone and Wingspan®, his back work has been recognized in W Magazine, Time Out New York, Metro Sports New York and on New York Magazine.com. The High Heel Recovery Clinic he created and hosted within his Midtown-Manhattan Pilates studio was featured on CNN.com Health and WNYC Radio as well as in the Thursday Styles Section of The New York Times and on CBS New York News.
Visit: highheelhealing.com and backboneandwingspan.com & feetforfitness.com to see press snippets and read testimonials on how this work helps heal both women and men.

Health, Mind & Body
December 15
Backbone and Wingspan LLC
Backbone and Wingspan LLC

Customer Reviews

Heding2 ,

Highly recommended!

This book is very different from, and miles above, the typical foot pain/back pain/posture/exercise book -- it goes beyond the superficial and gets deep into anatomy and physics but in an easy to understand, engaging and though provoking manner. It uses pictures, videos and descriptive imagery in ways that really complement each other. I found this book extremely helpful even as someone who doesn't wear heels often. I spend most of the day sitting at a desk and this book helped me better understand how I can release tension in my body by becoming better connected to my heels.

WingspanMan ,

Unique talent for healing

Herald has a unique talent to allow you to actually connect with your body as you read his words. Anybody who feels that the manifestations of our bodies are direct expressions of our psyche and who we are as beings can find healing in the revelations of Herald's knowledge. This is true! Submitted by bluebriard

Duraye ,


I've never written a review for any book before, but this e-book is seriously impressive! Herald should get an award for this book! At the outset, I was just a little intrigued by it - I thought it might have some new exercises or a few good tips. However, I soon became so fascinated in its wide-range of photos, illustrations and videos as to invest the time in reading it through thoroughly! I do love though how Herald advises in the Introduction to initially just flip through all the pages like a magazine - in order to get an overall sense of the book. I took that advice and flipped through like I would do with the September issue of Vogue! This approach actually helped a lot in becoming undaunted with the sheer size of it - because I was a little overwhelmed at first. But the composition between the photos and the writing - how he organizes the info to specifically pertain to the adjacent images on each and every page - and with how detailed he is in teaching his principles thru this combination of words and pictures - I learned so much in the first bits of the book that I started to read more and more deeply as it went along. And yet it was also simple enough that I could understand how to incorporate it into my posture just by briefly reviewing it. I have to admit I honestly have a desire to go back and read the entire e-book again cover to cover to learn everything its meant to teach! By the way, the metaphors he uses to illustrate his methods are so creative as to make it exciting and really fun to read! Plus, on the iPad, all the photos are gorgeous and the added videos are so cool and also with the additional options of being able to highlight text and/or add my own notes on the side, etc.... all very cool! This book first sparked my interest, but then I didn't want to put it down... and now, that's the sign of successful writing - which gives me a sense of being able to successfully heal myself! Well done, Herald!