High Moon

Aimee Easterling and Others
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Publisher Description

Come howl at the moon with these all-new tales of wolves in the city!

This thrilling collection contains eight exclusive novellas by today's top urban-fantasy authors:

"Fox Hunt" by Aimee Easterling – Mai's life revolves around acting human and teaching fencing to middleschoolers. Then a student goes missing just as werewolves start breathing down her neck. Can she hunt the hunters without revealing her identity as a fox?

"Wereabouts Unknown" by Jenn Stark – Having strutted her way from cop to carny fortune teller to the newest, most fabulous member of a group of Tarot mystics, Nikki Dawes has the world in the palms of her bedazzle-gloved hands. But now a pack of displaced werewolves is relying on her to find the rest of their kind. Can she reunite those snarly, sexy beasts in time to win the war on magic?

"Elemental Witch" by B R Kingsolver – After a magical disaster puts Joanna's future in jeopardy, the Supernatural Council gives her a second chance at Midleton College. New friends, a hot wolf shifter, and a serene campus grow on her fast. Then some fool summons a demon. Can Joanna clean up the mess before the demon kills her friends?

"Dragon Tears" by Marina Finlayson – New wolf Nat Turner jumps at the chance to escape her controlling pack when she's offered a job as bodyguard to a powerful dragon. But her dream job becomes a nightmare when she realises she must also protect the magical gems known as dragon tears that contain his power. Because holy hell, does that man have a lot of enemies.

"Lunaticking" by Dale Ivan Smith – Sorcerer-Agent Elizabeth Marquez tracks illegal wolf-men manifestations. Shifter Chloe must find her kidnapped pack leader. Together, these two wielders of different magics must find the supernatural culprits behind both crimes, and stop a far greater one from happening.

"Prowl" by N. R. Hairston – Wereskunk Anise is constantly ducking werewolves and vampires intent upon harvesting her high-dollar skunk oil. Will alpha werewolf Brick really help, or is he just another poacher hunting her?

"Full Moon's Curse" by Jenn Windrow – Sometimes the cure is worse than the curse. Cursed by a witch on a power kick, Julia Monroe has twenty-four hours to kill the leader of the local coven. If she fails, she'll be forced to live as a wolf for the rest of her life. If she succeeds, she'll be excommunicated from her pack and her family.

"A Myth in Moonlight" by Becca Andre – Leena knows that mythical creatures don't exist – not in the modern magical world. But when the old werewolf myth proves to have some…bite, she must reexamine her beliefs to break an improbable curse before it runs wild in Cincinnati.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
September 14
Wetknee Books
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Customer Reviews

Pacw808 ,

Decent stories

All stories were well crafted except one that was a bit stilted. All the stories were good

Chris❣️Books ,


Reviewed in the United States on July 14, 2022
What a great way to be introduced to 8 urban fantasy authors or to catch up with their characters. I really liked this anthology!
Aimee Easterling is my favorite and sets the stage with Mai and Kira's first adventure. These are a couple of Kitsune (magical fox) shifters trying to keep a low profile in a world of humans and werewolves. Their story continues in"Moon Marked Trilogy" and then in "Full Moon Saloon" and "Rogue Moon" .I read them first,
but it didn't matter that this was a prequel. Aimee always has a wonderful blend of humor, twists and turns you can't predict, and strong, courageous , big hearted young women to take you on fast paced, fun-filled adventures.
I loved being introduced to the other authors as well, and I will be looking for their other books too.
What I love about anthologies is that sometimes I don't have time for a long novel or a series and a novella is just the right size for for my timeframe or my mood.
"High Moon" is a keeper that I will be revisiting 🐺❣️

Setra Seafarer ,

Shine On new Moon!

Niki Dawes once was just connected with limited but useful power she used to help others. That changed when she met Sara, Justice of the Arcane Council and Niki became more powerful just by proximity. When the old Moon of the Arcane Council set for the last time; Niki was called on to rise as the new Moon.

The old Moon was forced to leave half her pack on the Mortal plane while the rest of pack guarded her in Atlantis for 6,000 years. No trace remains of the pack on Earth. The lost must be found, the pack reunited, the new Moon to come into her new powers. A divergence off the core relation with Sara with Niki coming into her own powers.

Wonderful character building with new characters a plenty. A branching of main series that is sure to lead back to the roots at times as war is still on the horizon. I look forward to other tails, er…tales, hopefully novels featuring Niki and the Werewolves, sounds like a bands name, but a hard hitting fun read all the same!

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