High Stakes

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When her sister, Pippa, goes missing, Nella Freling tells her boss she’s taking time off from her job as a research librarian, hops in her sensible van, and heads south of the border to Montana. However, local police don’t seem too concerned about a missing woman living in her motorhome. So Nella will have to look for Pippa by herself, unless she can convince a highly recommended tracker to help her, but sadly the rude and angry cowboy won’t even listen to her at first.

But Nella can be persuasive.

The first time High Mountain Tracker, Fletch Boone, laid eyes on Nella, her ass was stuck in his grocery cart. The next time was at the ranch; she was wearing mud, head to toe. But when he catches sight of her a third time, hanging off a cliff, he can’t turn his back again. What Nella lacks in survival skills she makes up for in sheer determination. Unfortunately, neither of those is enough protection when bullets start flying. 

Fletch has no choice but to jump in before the woman gets herself killed.

And that would be a damn shame.

April 18
Freya Barker
Freya Barker

Customer Reviews

charlligirl ,

Another enjoyable book in this series

This is another older couple book, meaning late 30's and 40's. Boone is another tracker for High Mountain, but he does contract work outside of the team. When Nella tries to hire him to help her find her sister, Pippa, he avoids her calls. He's not keen on helping her. However, when she takes off on her own in search of her sister, Boone feels responsible and goes looking for her.

So many things happen in this book. There's the hunt for the sister. The love story of Boone and Nella. And the mystery of why campers and motor homes are going missing and the owners are ending up hurt or dead. I love the character of Nella in this book. She is full of grit and determination and like a dog with a bone. First to find her sister. Then to find out what happened to her motor home. However, Boone kinda peeved me. He did nothing to help Nella when she brought information to him. Same with the sheriff for that matter. This book really made me look at the men in this series and hope others aren't quite as bullheaded. When Nella goes to investigate a place that repairs motor homes and other off road recreational vehicles, things go crazy.

Will Nella's determination and tenacity get her in trouble? Will it help her solve the crime that no one is interested in investigating? And will Boone realize what a treasure she is?

I enjoyed the casting of Desiree Ketchum and Connor Crais for this book. It was a good blend of voices and both seemed to understand the characters very well. I would definitely listen to the pair again or separately.

~Mindy Lou~ ,

So good!!

I very, much enjoyed High Stakes. This starts out with a lot of action that made this a fast paced read. The heroine is trying to locate her missing sister and ultimately gets the High Mountain Trackers involved, which made for an exciting read with everything involved.

Nella is a play-it-safe type of woman, however, she goes way outside her comfort zones to do everything she can to find her sister. She's relentless in her pursuit, despite the men she encounters trying to keep her on the sidelines. If I ever go missing, I sure hope I have someone that will fight to find me like Nella does for her sister.

Once the hero started helping Nella, he's exactly who you would want in your corner. I got such a kick out of his character. He's very much a loner, even to his friends. (I can totally relate to that) He's grumpy and can be harsh, but he's not a jerk even if that harshness makes him seem like one.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching Fletch come to terms with his attraction to Nella. I had even more fun when all the guys on the team kept poking him about it. Nella is having a hard time coming to terms as well but I never felt like the romance was lacking.

This ended up being the total package for me, with the exciting suspense, and the fun to watch romance. I'm really looking forward to what comes next in the series.

gingin615 ,

Thrilling romance suspense!

This is a fantastic second story in the series featuring a group of former special ops hunks turned mountain trackers/cowboys. What a sexy setup! I love these guys and the women they fall for. This one is about the broody reclusive Fletcher. You just know he has a traumatic backstory and when it comes out it’s a heartbreaker. He’s paired with a uptight powerhouse that just won’t give up especially when it comes to finding her sister. Nella comes to Montana to find her wild child sister that’s missing. She has a few tense meetings with Fletch that starts an engaging relationship all the way to romance. She’s a challenge that takes Fletch a minute to decide if he’s up for all the trouble. I love Nella with her spunk and fierceness. She doesn’t give up even though she lands in trouble more than once. Good thing Fletch is there to save her. It leads then into a dangerous situation as the culprits decide to tie up loose ends. I figured out the head honcho fairly quickly but it was still an exciting story full of suspense, danger and mystery. The romance is fast but with their age there’s no time to play games or delay. They know what they want and go for it. I love the older age of these characters in the series. A lot of living has happened and gives them a grow up perspective on life. We get a new heroine with Nella’s sister Pippa. Looks like she’ll be paired with Sully the tech wiz of the High Mountain Trackers. The ending was sweet and poignant that melted my heart. So good! I look forward to the installment in this thrilling romance suspense series. Loved it!

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