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To protect herself, she’ll deny her powers. To save her, he’ll break every rule he’s vowed to live by.

Lillianna de Burgh knows all about the legend surrounding the women in her family—that true love awakens the gift of sight within them. But given the horrific betrayals the power has brought her ancestors, she wants no part in true love or the supposed gift. Avoiding her fate seems simple enough since men have proven time and again that they wish to use her, not cherish her, even her own kin. Thankfully, when she flees England to escape her evil uncle, she finds herself in the company of a seemingly hard-hearted Highlander who thinks the legend nothing more than a myth. As they travel together, she comes to discover that behind his cold facade lies a fierce and honorable protector, whose mere touch ignites the passion within her. Yet, the more she tries to resist it, the more she seems to fall.

Renowned Highland warrior Angus MacLorh lives by three principles: put country above self, protect family at all cost, and never become entangled with a lass—not again. So when his future king needs him to accompany the far-too-lovely Lillianna to safety, Angus agrees, confident he can keep her at a distance, as he does all women. Yet the gentle, fiercely determined lady intrigues and tempts him at every turn, and when his greatest enemy captures her, he finds himself breaking all his rules to save her.

As the fight for the Scottish throne embroils Lillianna and Angus deep in danger, enemies near and far hunt them threatening their very lives. When the truth of the legend finally comes to light, can a lady determined to escape her destiny and a Highlander bent on facing his future alone overcome the barriers they’ve created and trust in their hearts to lay claim to the most glorious of love?

December 26
Darbyshire Publishing LLC
Darbyshire Publishing LLC

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lfdykes ,

Another Amazing Story!

1302 Central England. A fierce warrior. A woman who has never known love. Prepare to take an amazing journey with two people who needed each other, but would take take time to realize. When I finished The Outlaw King, the first book in this series, I could not wait to see what came next! The wait was so worth it for this story of Angus, the best friend and one of his fiercest warriors for Robert the Bruce, and Lillianna, cousin to Elizabeth, the Bruce’s wife. She comes from a long line of female seers The women in her family can see into the future but there is only two ways.
With people after her, she flees and ends up under the protection of the Bruce. As Angus is directed to keep Lillianna safe and deliver her to her Scottish relatives, their attraction is fierce, but without trust what can become of it? Both of them have been betrayed and each wants to protect their hearts from it happening again.
A wonderful tale that Julie Johnstone brings alive with the history and wonder of the time of great conflict between England and Scotland. She makes the characters real and I could envision them and the surroundings! Although this can be read as a stand alone, trust me, do not miss the first book in this series! As always a must read!!!

Suz Clark ,

Fantastic Romance

I absolutely loved this book. This is the second book in the Renegade Scot series. Ifyou haven’t read Outlaw King please read it first and then come back and scoop up this gem. Johnstone mixes history and romance flawlessly. I coulnd’t put the book down.

Kat Wiley ,


Another fantastic read by Julie Johnstone! Highland Defender is book 2 in the Renegade Scots series and by far one of the most amazing read of the year! Though in a series it can be read as a standalone but I highly recommend you read book 1, Outlaw King. This 1300 medieval story of Robert the Bruce before he became King of Scotland is not only a romanic read but also educational. Julie must have done a lot of research for this book as she has created not only a romance but has used real events, people and places. Her characters are fabulous and I fell in love with the hard core and brawny Angus as he slowly falls in love with Lilliannna. This story will take you on an adventure that is not only heart pounding but exciting as well as they out run the enemy that is King Edward’s army. This adventure has an escape, protectiveness, kindness, endurance, pain, suffering, a bit of paranormal, a brooch, evil, greed, an uncaring father, death, grief, a loving family, enemies and of course love. I so highly recommend you read this book, Julie never disappoints. Her writing is just amazing.

***This book was gifted to me and I am voluntarily reviewing.

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