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The next book in the new lush Scottish historical series from USA Today bestselling author, May McGoldrick.

Maisie Murray’s sweet, docile exterior masks the courageous spirit of a firebrand determined to champion women’s suffrage with like-minded friends. But fighting for her principles has swept her directly into harm’s way—and into the arms of a man she cannot resist.

A trained officer with the Royal Highland Regiment, Niall Campbell has spent his life serving the Crown. Battle-weary and searching for peace, he nothing to do with trouble—until he meets Maisie. But unless Niall and Maisie can find a way to stand up to the destructive forces that threaten to divide them, long-buried secrets and political schemes are destined to stand in the way of the glorious love they’ve found…

September 24
St. Martin's Publishing Group

Customer Reviews

Coquireinita ,


I couldn’t put this book down ....loved how it intertwines facts with fiction...strong characters and storyline. Looking forward to the next book in this incredible series.

Palma Chris ,

3.5 stars. I liked this book, but I didn’t love it.

We see events that were experienced in Highland Crown from a different perspective. So I definitely recommend reading that book first.

Maisie, frustrated with the injustice and persecution of the people of Scotland, forms a chapter of the Female Reform Society with her sister, not by blood, Fiona. In doing so, she meets Fiona’s brother Niall, and falls in love. After circumnstances force them to part, they reunite months later in Scotland and find their happy ending.

This was an interesting second book to the series, however, I felt it moved the overarching storyline of Cinead and his being the heir to the throne along, but left Maisie and Niall’s relationship in the dust. I felt no connection to them as a couple and was surprised at the abrupt ending.

Looking forward to Morrigan’s book, but hoping that the romance and chemistry between the two main characters takes front and center strange.

Thank you to SMP for the opportunity to read this ARC. All opinions are my own.

Peg1951 ,

Fantastic Tale

Highland Jewel, the second book in the Royal Highlander Series, is a splendid blending of romance, action, and history. The story takes place following the Napoleonic Wars, a time of political unrest and social upheaval across the British Isles. Danger, secrecy, intrigue, betrayal, narrow escapes, and rescues, and a cast of absolutely marvelous characters come together to create fantastic Highland adventure and a dramatic romance. Niall Campbell is a decorated war hero who is tired of war and its aftermath. He wants to return to the highlands and live in peace. Maisie Murray is an activist for social reform, particularly suffrage for all citizens. Niall and Maisie meet through his sister Fiona (also a social activist). They fall in love, but tragedy strikes endangering their desire to marry. Niall must rescue his sister from a charge of treason. Maisie seeks refuge with her sister to avoid the same fate. How does it work out? Can Fiona be saved? Is their hope for Niall and Maisie? This one is a real page-turner. I enjoyed it and highly recommend it. Oh, look for a big surprise at the end.

I received an ARC of this book from the publisher via NetGalley. My review is voluntary.

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