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Ordered by King Alexander to wed an Englishwoman, Laird Brendan Sutherland heads to England to wed the sister of his best friend's wife. Having no use for love, he intends to beget a few heirs and forget the lass. 

After being falsely accused of the Sin of Eve when she was twelve, Lady Faith of Hawkhurst hides her beauty beneath a hideous disguise, becoming a hag in public. She believes she must enter a convent and live a life of penance or suffer perpetual damnation.

Learning her brother intends to ambush an approaching Highland party, Faith intercepts Brendan and his men to ask their aid in reaching the convent. Brendan quickly sees through her disguise and agrees to take her with him. After a court scandal, King Henry orders them to wed. As they return to the Highlands with a killer on their trail, Brendan discovers he can't remain aloof from the woman destined to restore his faith in love. 

March 1
Champagne Book Group
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

romancereader77 ,

Highland promise

It was a funny, cute book. Good bit of dialogue which I love. Good story and characters.

zlb2020 ,

Good but not great

I love the sass and dynamics between our clever English Heroine and her Highland Hunk, but the one thing that dragged the book down for me was the antagonist—a cannibalistic rapist with some (vague) desire for revenge against the protagonists - still not sure why that was warranted. Rape is unfortunately used as a prominent plot device in historical fiction, and while I acknowledge the reality of it especially in historic cultures, it’s an unfortunate trope that wasn’t deviated from in this book. I loved the strong girl friendships Faith has, although the subplot with one of them was left disappointingly unresolved.

It’s an easy read with a randy muscleman and his sassy but amusingly naive beloved and some obvious but not brutally graphic sexual scenes. I would’ve actually preferred more romantic, implied sexual stuff rather than a midway point between “implied” and “explicit” that, to my mind, is less hot and more “meh”, but it’s not violent or unnervingly kinky, either, which I appreciate.

Overall, 3/5 stars.

Let626 ,


Wonderfull story and plot that had me turning each page eager to see what would happen next. The romance was so heartwarming and Mary MCCall had me laughing throughout the story. Excellent book!

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