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A professor of Music Analysis dies and his soul travels to meet the Children of the Light who inquire about how music is learned on Earth. As a teacher on this subtler plane of existence, he is called on to override the merely rational way of understanding and communicating. The message is about the linking of human beings to a higher-realm form of communication incorporated into the reality of the Earth of the future. The story incorporates the music of Intermezzo Op. 118. No. 2 by Johannes Brahms performed on the piano by the author.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
June 4
Nayyira By Shireen Maluf
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Customer Reviews

JuniorToni ,


Thank you for existing Dr. You gave us or at least gave me a whole new “theory” of thinking. And by theory I mean a whole new way(s) out of traditional ones. A fresh mentality, great subject awesome music awesome story.. unbelievably perfect. I found myself in this book, and as a music instructor this book and its whole idea will be one of my references and will help me to develop my own curriculum and teaching methods. Again and again thank you for sharing your thoughts... Waiting for more and more.
Best of luck my dearest Dr.

Mermuse ,

Thank u "Eleven"

Un grand silence m'a envahit qd j'ai terminé la lecture de "highway 11 to Eternity" !!!
Un silence qui porte en lui toutes les émotions et les larmes ..

Si ce livre est imaginaire, on dirait un imaginaire réel ..
S'il est musical, on dirait que c'est la musique des émotions ..
Et si c'est philosophique, on dirait une philosophie de Vie ..
Académique?! C'est plutôt thérapeutique ..

"Highway 11 to Eternity" est un voyage corporel vers un monde sensuel, et un autre émotionnel vers des souvenirs collectifs!

Il m'a appris que, dans la vie, on peut vivre plusieurs naissances!
Il m'a appris que, malgré notre différence, on reste toujours identiques par nos émotions ..
Et surtout, il m'a appris à croire, en tout ce qui est re-espérer, tout ce qui est re-naissance, tout ce qui est re-connection, et tout ce qui re-vivre et re-Être!!!

Merci "Eleven", d'être 'a' "highway 11 to the heart" ...