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Whether you lived through the sixties and seventies or just wish you had, this revised and expanded edition of the Hippie Dictionary entertains as much as it educates.

Cultural and political listings such as "Age of Aquarius," "Ceasar Chavez," and "Black Power Movement," plus popular phrases like "acid flashback," "get a grip," and "are you for real?" will remind you of how revolutionary those 20 years were.

Although the hippie era spans two decades beginning with the approval of the birth control pill in 1960 and ending with the death of John Lennon in 1980, it wasn't all about sex, drugs, and rock'n' roll. These were the early years of pro-ecology and anti-capitalist beliefs-beliefs that are just as timely as ever. So kick back and trip out on the new entries as well as the old, and discover why some are dubbing the sixties and seventies "the intellectual renaissance of the 20th century."

March 1
Potter/Ten Speed/Harmony/Rodale
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Customer Reviews

Uncle Foobar ,

i am So Glad they Added…

a page of “Digital Owlsley” LSD Blotter Acid to this addition!

Along with VW Van painting guide and crunchy granola recipes, this book gives Hours and Hours of enjoyment and edifying information about the ‘69s!

if you Want to UNDERSTAND a Boomer instead of #OK_Boomering them Millennials, Read This Book.

Then read Steal This Book, Do it Now (Ruben) and watch that Chicago 7 flick.

Boojk ,

Hippy dictionary

It is very interesting book about the hippy era and history but there where some things that where left out. Like the Movie Billy Jack that came out in 1970 about an ex green beret who fought against prejudice and defended the hippy Community at the Freedom School and the Native Americans from white trouble makers starring Tom Laughing as Billy Jack and Delores Taylor it had a sequel the trial of Billy Jack it ends with a Kent state stile Massacre that movie came out in 1975 Also omitted was Jesus Christ Superstar a hippy stile rock opera of the passion of Jesus Christ