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The Hippocratic oath doctors take upon obtaining a license to practice in the fields of study is something every patient must believe in before they entrust their health to a doctor. This is that oath paraphrased I will do no harm and I will put the well being of my patient first. I've met some brilliant doctors and lets face it being a doctor isn't for the faint of heart especially those who specialize in any field involving a life or death. There are two degrees in seriousness in which some doctors take their oaths, some get into the profession because they really want to help others and some just for the money. Blood is said to be the life of a man, I don't know beans about how all those tests on blood are done or how each one shows what may indicate what is wrong with a patient. Doctors train for it, it is one of the basics in a physicians work. A General practitioner studies a little of everything, an Endocrinologist studies the thyroid and the effects this one small gland has on other organs the heart being one of the basic organs it effects. If a thyroid is over active it can cause all kinds of ailments even heart attack and stroke. Under active may cause jitters, weight gain or a slew of other problems. A Cardiologists must study all the different reasons a heart does not function the way that it should. Before sending a patient out to have expensive testing. One simple first step is blood work which can tell any doctor who wants to actually discover something is wrong looks at blood first. A doctor who ignores blood work well it can have really bad effects on a patients well being both physically and financially but some doctors prefer money over keeping their oath. This is a true story, that depicts symptoms of one patient for over thirty years. It indicates doctors covet pride and financial gain over this patients health and well being or was it incompetency. One doctor even two I could understand but four and unlikely scenario.

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March 11
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