His Captain (The Regency Lords) His Captain (The Regency Lords)

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A wounded hero... A mysterious healer... A secret enemy hell-bent on their destruction...

When a cannon explodes, killing half his men, Captain Reginald (Reggie) St. Clair is severely wounded. Physicians proclaim he'll never walk again. Injured and in pain, he retreats to the Scottish Highlands. In the remote castle where he spent his youth, he hopes to escape pity and ridicule from society and his family. And maybe, just maybe, he'll gain strength from the happy memories ghosting through the old stone walls.

Johnnie Sloan, a healer with a mysterious past, expects to mend Captain St. Clair's injured body as well as his broken spirit. He does not intend to fall in love.

In the shadows, a secret enemy plots. Just when Reggie thinks life might be worthwhile again, he's accused of a crime. Not only is his freedom at stake, scandal threatens Johnnie's safety as well.

Can the captain and the healer, with his underworld connections, defeat censure and betrayal to find happiness together?

Award-winning novel His Captain, is the first book in the Scottish Crime Romance series by Stephanie Lake, and is part of the Regency Lords world. For romance, intrigue, and deliciously ruthless characters, dive into this exciting series today!

"Stephanie Lake gives us appealing characters, fun storylines, and crisp prose. I especially enjoy the skill she uses with her historical settings. Her stories are perfect when I need an escape from the here and now." – Kim Fielding, Award-winning author of The Bureau series.

April 2
Sinnamon Press
Draft2Digital, LLC

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Captain Reginald “Reggie” St. Clair had a devastating injury, purely by accident during Army artillery training of new acquisitions. It wasn’t even during a battle, which just added to his injury. When he’s diagnosed with the loss of both legs, atrophy and a the ridiculous Bath chair, he is more than frustrated. He has a best friend in Nicholas “Nick” Avery, Lord Newark, to be there for him. The thing is Nick and he still like to get into mischief and drinking. Reggie is tired of it all and depressed. He doesn’t need everyone having pity on the cripple and he needs to be far away from family. Reggie along with Nick, returns to the Scottish Highlands and Dunvreck. Although, Dunvreck castle is run down, it is where Reggie feels free and at home, with thoughts of his late, beloved Grandfather.

Knowing of Reggie’s return to Dunvreck and his condition, the butler, Mr. Campbell has hired an attendant for Reggie. John Sloan has the medical expertise in rehabilitation and keeping Reggie healthy. For John though it is also a way to get away from his sister Anne and her despicable husband, Lord Berkeley, Baron, Gareth Howell. John made a terrible mistake, even though he loves his sister, he can’t stay with them any longer.

John has his hands full with both Nick and Reggie as they still love to drink and get into trouble, he’ll have to find ways to limit those activities. As John takes close care for Reggie’s diet and exercise there’s a spark that grows between them. John is good for Reggie as he keeps him mobile and out of the Bath chair.

John still has an issues with his pregnant sister Anne, and her husband Gareth. He’s keeping his troubles secret from Reggie. Things don’t get better, when Nick meets Gareth and that becomes a secret too. To top it all off, Reggie is accused of soliciting a man and feels he’s being blackmailed. Reggie will have to hire the best attorney, MacNair and his associate Taggart, to defend him. Who will tell Nick the truth? What troubles will it bring to John? Will John and Reggie find their happiness? What will happen when all is revealed?

Stephanie Lake created an intense tale of secrets that made this a page-turner for me.
The author’s description of Dunvreck and the Highlands bring out the beauty of 18th century Scotland. There’s quite a group of characters that will face: heartache, sadness, happiness and hope for all their futures. I like Reggie and John, as John really turns Reggie around. John gives Reggie what he needs to make his physical situation better. It leads to a steamy relationship but there are doubts along the way. For Reggie, there’s those special moments when he thinks about his Grandfather. The only family member that really seemed to understand him and give him well needed advice.

I really liked Nick he’s full of fun, loud, loves to drink and carefree. He also brought lots of loyalty and silliness to Reggie. But Nick is also caught up in a dilemma, that causes worry and sadness. Hope that things change for Nick.

I highly recommend, “His Captain” it’s and easy read with a variety of situations that kept me entertained. I can’t wait to see what Stephanie Lake, will bring next to the “Wounded Hero” series.

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