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Carly Bishop loved Christmas…until tragedy struck. Distraught and grief-stricken over the deaths of her fiancé and brother, she left Hood Hamlet and her Christmas spirit behind, to start over somewhere new. But now, six years later, her family needs her. Carly returns home to face her past and give her niece and nephew the best Christmas ever.

Burdened with guilt, Jake Porter believes he could have saved his two friends on that fateful day and kept Carly from experiencing such a heart-wrenching loss. When she arrives in town, Jake wants to make amends so they can both finally move forward with their lives.

As Jake helps Carly experience the magic of Christmas so she'll embrace the holiday again, will he also be able to open her heart to something else she'd given up on…love?

Previously published as Rescued by the Magic of Christmas.

Mountain Rescue Romance series
Book 1: His Christmas Wish
Book 2: Her Christmas Secret
Book 3: Her Christmas Kiss
Book 4: His Second Chance
Book 5: His Christmas Family

Fiction & Literature
November 1
Cardinal Press, LLC
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

sbsbrinson ,

Sweet love story

Through growing up, devastating news, and fear this couple makes it to the other side. Great read!

Carol M Smith ,

Melissa McClone’s His Christmas Wish

Carly Bishop lost her parents, brother and fiancé.
The death of her brother, Nick and her fiancé
happened in the mountains the day before their
wedding was to take place.
She left Hood Hamlet and the sight of the mountains
for New York City. She has not celebrated Christmas
since that dreadful day.
Now she is returning to Hood Hamlet, Carly will be
caring for her niece and nephew while their mother
who remarried is having a baby with her new husband.
Jake Porter grew up with Carly as he was her brother’s
best friend. He always had a thing for Carly and has
never gotten over her. Jake will help Carly with the kids.
There is definitely chemistry between Carly and Nick
but will Christmas magic be able to overwhelm fear of
the mountains where Nick is a trained rescuer who gets
called out when someone gets lost or stranded on a
Will the couple be able to come to grips with their past
to move into a future together. Will they be able to find
healing and love? Will they be able to overcome what
they face?
This book has adventure, twists and turns and humor
with romance.
A very heartwarming, well written story with an very
well defined, charismatic cast of characters.
Be sure to read to see the end results.
I volunteered to read His Christmas Wish. Thanks to
the author for the opportunity. My opinion is my own.

Cheryl33610 ,

Heartwarming Christmas romance

While His Christmas Wish is a beautiful love story, it’s about so much more. It’s about learning to live again, without the guilt of moving on, or even surviving when others didn’t. Carly lost not only her brother and her fiancé, she also lost her home and traditions by moving away in hopes of easing the pain. Jake lost his best friend Nick, but he also lost Carly, who he loved but never shared his feelings. Now that Carly’s back to help her family during the holidays, Jake can’t help but feel hopeful that maybe she’ll stay..and they can be together.
Jake, from the start, put Carly’s feeling above his own. He actually does that with everyone...from Nick’s widow Hannah, to their kids, to his teammates on OMSAR. Carly’s heart is still fragile and frozen, and she’s unsure of how to, or even if can, move one. A little Christmas magic seems to be exactly what they both need.
His Christmas Wish is one of the the best holiday books I’ve read, hands down. With a hero and heroine to root for, 2 adorable kids, the winter wonderland backdrop of small town Hood Hamlet and a heartwarming storyline, this may well be my favorite Melissa McClone romance yet. I can’t wait to continue this series and fall in love with new characters, if they can squeeze themselves past Jake and Carly

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