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Of all the gorgeous grouches Melanie’s ever worked with, Declan Bain is without a doubt the worst. And as an aspiring costume designer still working as a wardrobe girl in L.A., she’s definitely met her fair share.

So, when a weird development arises out of the blue, crossing their paths and effectively turning their lives upside down, waking up next to him in her childhood bed is only the second most shocking result.

Finding out he’d actually wanted something to happen between them is the first.

And now that Declan’s fully aware of just how much she’s enjoyed working with his…um, wardrobe, all this time, he’s decided to collect on all the very dirty, very alcohol-fueled promises she made him before falling asleep.

Melanie really has no idea what she promised the man, but if it’s even half as wicked as the things he’s promising to do to her, she’s not sure she’ll survive.

But she’s absolutely willing to find out.

Previously published as Curve Struck (c) 2016 with revisions throughout and newly added/changed content. 

Note that unlike the other 2019 catalog re-publications, this one doesn’t have a new/different extended ending because the one it had was pretty great. :)

October 14
Christa Wick
Garamond Books

Customer Reviews

Jannie3381 ,

Passionate, well-told story!

I loved this story! Declan and Melanie are passionate, angst-filled individuals. The story at times took me out of my comfort zone, as it dealt with subjects that have significance for me. But it was good exercise 😉! Melanie and Declan make an awesome couple, even as they work out the kinks in their relationship, and with the world around them. One of the impressive things about Melanie is her learned skill of understanding people by noting expressions, posture - body language. It works well for her until her own self-doubts get in the way. Her friend, Cammie, is such a sweetheart! She calls Melanie out on what she is doing when Mel’s being negative about things. Declan is pretty special. He’s difficult to get to know; he’s an actor - accustomed to making a false front look real. He sees Melanie as she is and loves her for it. And he stays with her through thick and thin. Do read. You’ll love it, too!

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