His for the Holidays

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What better way to unwind from the stress of a family Thanksgiving, than escaping with an armload of Christmas cookies? 

Hannah Christy was eager to head home and devour her treats in solitude, while doing some prep work for the promotion she was vying for. Those plans came to a screeching halt... along with the elevator.... trapping her inside with her sexy neighbor.

After being trapped with his match-making family over Thanksgiving, getting stuck in an elevator was a welcome reprieve for Gage Lawson. 

If it was up to him, he would gladly stay stranded well into the new year. Especially since his neighbor has a whole treasure trove of ideas on how to pass the time. The best Christmas cookies he's ever tasted. Delicious spiced wine. Fun getting-to-know-you games. It's the most holiday merriment he's had in a long while.

Somewhere in the midst of it all, Gage comes up with the perfect plan. A fake romance to help make both their family get-togethers more jolly! To his surprise, Hannah agrees to be his for the holidays. Yet with the mistletoe in full bloom, and her on his arm, Gage soon realizes their little Christmas show isn't enough. He wants her for real... and forever. 

Roast the chestnuts and hang the stockings, Gage has a plan! With the help of the 55 and over residents, magical flurries, and a never-ending supply of hot cocoa with extra marshmallows, he's determined to show Hannah that Christmas is the most wonderful time of year to fall in love.

December 14
Samantha Chase
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

BBQ griller ,

A Wonderful Holiday Love Story

Samantha Chase has done it again and has delivered another incredible romance with His for the Holiday, a wonderful holiday love story. Who does not love a forced proximity love story? I loved every moment on every page and could not put it down. Samantha Chase has once again provided her readers with amazing characters. I love how Samantha Chase always manages to create the "perfect" heroine, who is a strong woman on her own, to balance out the sexy, swoon worthy men. Samantha Chase continues to deliver all that and so much more. She has once again shown that she is an amazing storyteller. His for the Holiday did not disappoint; I could not put it down and loved every moment on every page. I enjoy how Samantha Chase writes from the perspective of the two main characters. That way you get to know what is going on in of their minds. His for the Holiday is a wonderful love story and is filled each with heartbreaking and heartwarming moments. I love the lighter moments where I find myself smiling and laughing out loud and the bittersweet moments that pull at my heartstrings that cause me to sigh, as I read the heartbreaking moments eyes filling with tears. His for the Holiday is filled with such moments, and with so much more. It is filled with all those things that we have come to love and expect in a Samantha Chase love story, especially the poignant and bittersweet moments that filled this page turner. I love how she incorporated both the picture on cover and the title of the book, with a simple statement from Hannah, into the love story. His for the Holiday is the story of Hannah Christy and her upstairs neighbor, Gage Lawson. Hannah and Gage had seen each other around the apartment building where they both live. As they are both returning home from celebrating Thanksgiving with their families, the power goes out and they get stuck in the elevator. They survive on Christmas cookies, Hannah’s mom sent home with her and wine the apartment manager gifted her. Hannah and Gage share things in the elevator that they normally would not share on a first date. Hannah said it best, that they knew each other better than most people do after dating for several months. Gage proposes that they fake date, so that he doesn’t have to deal with his mother and sister’s match matching. Hannah is up for a big promotion at work, so she wasn’t sure if she could “fake date” Gage. Hannah did not get the promotion, but got time off, so she agreed to Gage’s proposition. As Gage and Hannah begin spending time together, and head to Evergreen to celebrate Christmas with his family, things quickly heat up between the two of them. As they spend more time together, they continue share secrets and dreams that they haven’t revealed to anyone. I love the chemistry between Gage and Hannah. Then an unexpected plot twist that changes everything that they had built with each other, and Hannah decides what she really wants in life. I love how Hannah decides to take matters into her own hands and creates the change she wants. I loved his proposal and where it takes place. My favorite part was Hannah’s Christmas present to Gage, the location of the gift exchange, and Gage’s mother’s involvement, I also loved how the book title is incorporated into the ending. I love the heart-to-heart conversations that Hannah and Gage have with each other and their families. I loved the story and am so glad that both Hannah and Gage got their happily ever after. I love all the surprises that Samantha Chase has included in His for the Holiday. My favorite part in the book is the epilogue and how it wraps up all the details of the happily ever after, and it did not disappoint. His for the Holiday contains all the elements that I have love most in a Samantha Chase story, romance, great characters and setting, bittersweet moments and the plot twist that ties it all together. Amazing story. I could not put it down. Highly recommend this holiday love story that starts because of forced proximity.

Sink Em ,

Not her best work.

I love Samantha Chase but this one was shallow and trite.

Jbean168 ,

Holiday Magic at every turn!!

Gage and Hannah get stuck in an elevator and what happens from there is funny, romantic and a few mishaps along the way. It will make you swoon to the very end. And, I LOVED the HEA ending, so perfect.

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