His Light and Fullness

(In Darkness And Void)

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Publisher Description

When we look around, we see dark days and empty souls. Interestingly enough, when we look in the mirror, we often see the same thing: our busy days can feel futile, our attempts at worship can feel vain, and the end goal of heaven can seem like a distant mirage. These vain and futile "mirages" are exactly what they appear to be. Why?

What else would we expect to see when we have our eyes set upon the ways of sinners? What else would we expect to feel when we gaze into the dark, cavernous depths of depraved men and women? Conversely, the mirror of the world can be an easy way to look good for most Christians when we see what everyone else is doing. The hard part is facing the darkness and void of our own souls, both before and after getting on our own cross.

His Light and Fullness (In Darkness and Void) is a way to set our eyes where they belong: on the perfect Word of God. The Word of God is the light and fullness that illuminates our dark souls and fills our empty hearts. It is the pages of Holy Scripture, breathed out from the mouth of the Most High, that we get all light and all fullness.

His Light and Fullness (In Darkness and Void) is a deep dive into more familiar and less familiar parables, miracles, apostolic anecdotes, and works of our God to invoke wonder, awe, and worship of our infinitely Holy God. From the Spirit of God hovering over the void of the deep in Genesis to the glory of God being the only source of light in the Revelation, this work is simply an exaltation of the majesty of His Light and Fullness within the pages of Scripture. Come be enlightened and filled.

Religion & Spirituality
November 15
Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.
Ingram DV LLC