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Right and wrong will cost you....

Lizzie Luck is magical. Apparently. The DNA test came back proving she's from the otherworld.

She's unemployed, has 24 dollars in her account, and is so out of luck it's killing her.

Things couldn't get worse, right?


When she winds up in the police station and comes to the attention of the city's richest, most charming and most powerful vampire, her fortunes take a turn for the worse. Soon she finds herself under contract to him. She has to agree to his terms, and in return, he'll find out who she is....

From magical murders to dangerously attractive vampires, Lizzie is thrust headfirst into a world of intrigue, mystery, and fantasy.


With plenty of action, adventure, wit, and romance, His Own Angel is sure to please fans of Witch's Bell. All seven books are available, so start the adventure today.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
May 3
Odette C. Bell
Gabrielle Sauvage

Customer Reviews

Rocket sauces ,

An epic story.

Charming. Witty.

It grabs you and you can’t put the book down.

math wizard ,

Down on Her Luck

What do you do when you lose your job at the university because the laws says non humans must work with nonhumans. Get a job in the part of the city of Hope for the outworlders. Elizabeth Luck has now got to start over and work with ourworlders/nonhumans. She can’t get a job as a private detective so as she is headed home her life takes a turn for the worst. She gets bitten by a vampire and the vampire dies. She get arrested for murder and the fun begins. A councilman who happens to be a vampire shows up who offers to help her but she must sign a contract with Benson. If things were going to get better then hold your breath because Lizzie doesn’t have any luck,lol!
With all the plot twist in this humorous book, Lizzie Luck just want to find out what she is and solve a murder. Read and enjoy the excellent book which I highly recommend!

Cindywhoville ,

The good part was at the end

When I read the synopsis, I was intrigued which led to downloading the free EBook. What a waste. I finished it just to see what happened and of course the good part was at the end!

We’re introduced to Lizzie Luck, who is desperately trying to find a job with the new world system that has been implemented. All she wants is to go back to being “normal”, but realizes fate has something else lined up.
SEE, it seems like it’s good right? Wrong.
Lizzie’s character is constantly battling herself such as low confidence, plays the “innocent” in this dangerous world she’s thrown into. Biting her nails as a nervous habit, because she self doubts herself LITERALLY every chance she gets. And then when she finally has a lick of confidence, she STILL shoots herself down by asking herself in her head saying, where’d that confidence come from?
Ugh it’s so infuriating reading her character. I couldn’t stand this image of little meek character. Like quit self sabotaging yourself, buckle up and boss up! But nooo, she doesn’t. Even when there’s sliver of confidence at the chapter where it finally got good, she STILL managed to try to feel sorry for the enemy who clearly was willing to kill her which in point was a weakness that the enemy saw. It’s like come on, so freaking predictable. *cue rolling eyes*

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