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Mike Smith's life was crap, living all alone, years after his wife had died and his children had grown up and moved away. Then he saw the commercial for the Daffodil. Far more than other robots, the Daffodil could become anything and everything he wanted it to be. Mike's life is about to change.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
May 11
Wesley Allison
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Greg2b ,

Interesting read, with weird grammatical errors

I was surprised at how good this story actually was. I understood from the beginning it was a short story and I was excited to see how much the author would be able to fit into here.
All in all, it's an interesting read using today's present with a mix for tomorrow's pseudo-future. I laughed a few times reading it and even contemplated some of the story's deeper questions.
My two biggest complaints are some of the story's grammatical errors which start around the middle of the book. Like how at times it says 'that' instead of 'than', or 'too' instead of 'two'. And also how another commented said a few areas where '@' and '=' are randomly placed (possibly copyright protection).
All in all a nice short read and it definitely kept me entertained on my work breaks.

Staticat369 ,

Pretty good

Fantasy/sci-fi/future/dystopia is my kind of genre, and this fits in there pretty well. Felt like the ending just dropped off as though the author couldn't think of anything better. Interesting concept and good references to today's culture. Felt realistic in that it was in the future but the technology felt like maybe it actually could happen. The author took into account things like inflation, global warming, technological advances, politics, and other things that created a realistic 2032. Ending was a definite disappointment. I reread it thinking maybe I missed some big plot twist...but I don't think I did.

polyiguana ,

Good primer to series

Reading it as a stand-alone and compared to the others you can tell it’s a first book early in Wesley’s career. Patience is too perfect, has little agency, and the conflict events are contrived and rushed. There are side characters which are introduced but have little depth here, although some are expanded on in future books.

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