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Thick badge, big gun, fond of handcuffs.

One sassy little thief is about to get all tangled up with the growliest, most alpha law-man on Blackthorn Mountain.

And it’s not just the arm of the law that’s long and hard…

First she was my bride, now she’s my fugitive. I was a rough, stone-cold cop when she said “I do”—driven hard to hunt, to seek, to lock down. And Lucy was the tempting little firecracker in my black and white, right or wrong world.

Except there was more to Lucy than met the eye, and pretty soon, her sins and the law tore us apart. And for two years, I’ve been looking for my runaway bride.

But now, I’ve found her, hiding out on Blackthorn Mountain. Gorgeous, sassy, headstrong and temping as f**k. I’m supposed to drag her bratty little ass to jail. But when I get my first look, feel, and taste of her in two damn years, no duty or law in this word is going to keep me from taking back what’s mine.

She owes money to some very, very not nice people, and they’re out for blood. But there’s more trouble than that brewing on Blackthorn Mountain. Every demon, every buried secret, every loose thread—every one of the outlaws up on the mountain’s past is coming for them, and the battle for Blackthorn is about to hit hard.

If these bastards want Lucy? Well, they’re going to have to come through me first. And if they want Blackthorn Mountain?

Well, they’re about to learn that outlaw mountain hits back even harder.

Lucy ran from me once. It’s not going to happen again.

This is a standalone story. The books in Blackthorn Mountain Men series can be read in any order.

As with my all my books, this one is safe, with no cheating and a HEA guaranteed.

December 20
Madison Faye
Ghost Machine Creative, Inc.

Customer Reviews

l. Fenn-stokes ,

Amazing Blackthorne Mountain Romance!

Rowan is an FBI agent and he has tracked his missing wife to Blackthorne Mountain. She left him two years ago and he has been searching for her ever since. Lucy left Rowan because she is a thief and she couldn’t stand putting Rowan in a bad spot. Lucy is having problems with a Chicago mobster because she stole something from him. Rowan has been watching Lucy close up the bar she works in, when he thinks she is alone he goes in but there was a man in there harassing her. After Rowan gets rid of the man Lucy and Rowan get down to business. Lucy has missed Rowan terribly and Rowan has missed Lucy also. They are both still so much in love. Lucy needs to tell Rowan about her thieving lifestyle but he already knows. He still wants her. They end up having sex in the bar and then the mob man and three of his friends show up. Rowan kills them all. Rowan and Lucy get taken to a cabin to hide out. Shepherd and Oliver show up, Shepherd is Lucy’s brother and Rowan’s best friend. Lucy gets taken by the Chicago mob. Will Rowan be able to get her back? Will Rowan stay with the FBI? Will Rowan and Lucy be able to stay on Blackthorne Mountain? Will Rowan and Lucy finally get their happy ever after?

Anna Marissa ,

So good!

I’ve loved every bit of this series!

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