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In this dark and sensual e-novella, which ties into Lisa Renee Jones’s bestselling Inside Out series, Chris’s dark point of view comes to light as he tries to win—then hold onto—Sara’s heart.

In a world where my only escape has been my art, Sara has been the light in my darkness. And there is darkness, the kind of inky black that can bleed from my life into hers.

She doesn’t see it. She doesn’t understand what I’ve shown her. And my biggest fear is that soon...she will.

February 24
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LisaHines711 ,

Review: Inside Out #3.1: His Secrets

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

His Secrets by Lisa Renee Jones is a novella book told from Chris' point of view and takes place shortly before Sarah and Chris leave France to head back to San Fransisco.

It only makes sense to read this if you HAVE read books 1 through 3 in the series. It paves the way for the upcoming books in the series, and let's be honest, who doesn't want to hear more from Chris?

A short, must-read that packs a punch and will leave you eagerly awaiting the next installment in this amazing series.

Can Chris and Sarah find the perfect balance between his darkness and her willingness to stand by him?

ChristiLofton ,


Thanks to Lisa Renee Jones, I was able to read an ARC of this novella. I must say it was an awesome read! Being able to see inside that beautiful, troubled mind of Chris was amazing. The love between Chris and Sara was shown in even more detail. This is a great novella and I can't wait to read more of not only Chris & Sara, but also Mark. Great series! If you haven't read the series, then start with If I Were You now. If you are reading the series, then grab this one as soon as it comes out! You won't be disappointed!

LisaMPatterson ,

His Secrets

"His Secrets" begins immediately following "Revealing Us" Chris and Sara take a much deserved, but brief break and celebrate their new engagement. This moment is interrupted all too soon by the darkness of Chris's past.

Chris and Sara face these issues together and really come together as a couple. Chris seems to finally put a troubling situation to rest. But will have to wait to see if a pair of troublesome blondes resurface in the future! Many questions regarding Chris's secrets are revealed, and I just love him more for it.

The epilogue is a brief look through Mark's eyes in a preview of "My Hunger."

"His Secrets" lets you slide beneath Chris's surface with this point of view novella and leaves you wanting more!

Lisa Renee Jones never disappoints

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