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First published as a six-part e serial novel, His to Command is now available for the first time ever as a complete book, featuring special bonus material.

Her heart, her body, her soul—are his to command.

Kate is a modern businesswoman who knows exactly how to run her well-organized world. But underneath her professional exterior lurks a secret that she’s been running from for years—a fierce desire to be dominated that both exhilarates and terrifies her.  And there’s only one man who’s ever tempted her to lose control.

Powerful executive Matt Pearce gave Kate her first taste of what it means to surrender completely at the hands of a dominant man, and she's never been able to forget. Though she’s spent years trying to outrun her feelings for him, a chance encounter changes everything . . . and this time she might not be able to escape. Deciding to give in to her deepest desires, Kate agrees to spend a week at Matt’s mansion exploring her submissive side under his masterful instruction. Just when she starts to fall deeper and harder for him than ever before, a terrible secret from his past threatens to tear them apart, and Kate must decide whether to finally trust Matt with her heart . . . or leave him behind forever.

“Fresh, exciting and extremely hot, with characters you’ll fall in love with.  Absolutely fantastic!” –Fresh Fiction

Fiction & Literature
April 16
St. Martin's Press

Customer Reviews

Crazy_beans ,


The only reason why I'm giving this 3 stars is b/c I'm generous. The book was rushed & Kate forgives Matt waay too easily. It's sad b/c this book could have had potential.

rom_kim ,

Just blah

This book is all over the place. Good idea for a storyline but the execution is poorly done. A prologue would have been helpful. And instead of flipping back and forth on every page between characters, taking it one chapter at a time with actual background of the characters for what was happening would have improved this book. The sex parts were dragged out or the same thoughts and events were repeated which resulted in me skipping multiple sections of the book. Also, how can someone go from scared and afraid of someone to saying I love you in a matter of a few pages. I felt like both characters were childish and immature. Just blah all around.

Mzplatinum24 ,

Not worth it

I'm really disappointed I actually paid 4 this book. 1st she's all scared of submitting 2 him but the 1st chance she gets, she actually does with no problem. I also didn't like how sometimes when they were doing it she would call him 'sir' & then 'Mr. Pearce'. If u r a submissive aren't u supposed 2 address them as sir all the time? Yea the sex scenes r hot but even that was unrealistic on how often & how soon they did it.

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