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I look her body up and down as I circle her.


I smile a devious, deviant, I'm gonna make you sorry you ever started playing this game with me smile.

And then I take her hand.

I lead her to the elevator.

We go up to my apartment.

I tie her wrists together with rope.

Raise her arms above her head.

And chain her to the ceiling.

It's my turn.

July 4
J. A. Huss
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

RentasticR ,

JA Huss strikes again and it's just EPIC!

Christ on a cracker, that was BRILLIANT! For the life of me, I couldn't put this book down once I started it. Seriously, this was pure mind f*@&ery, unbridled lust and full on angst all over. Expect every single thing JA Huss is known for in this book.

The games... Good god, I think even I got caught up in all the mind games these characters were playing. They were going off all at the same time, you won't even know anything was really happening until it smacked you right in the face. Then there's the revelations, even going back from the very first book in the series, will hit you in all angles that you'll be left with your mouth hanging wide open. So I definitely recommend starting this series with Taking Turns. That way you won't miss anything when you get to this one.

Let's face it, this book was sick. It was so sick and twisted, my little black heart ate it all up and loved every second of it. His Turn, especially Bric, blew me the hell away—it shredded my mind, my heart, my guts and that special zone down below. The power struggle between Bric and Nadia was insanely a huge turn on. I swear. One of the craziest power struggles I've encountered that will mess you up right along with them. You can definitely file this book away under your "so messed up, yet so deliciously good" shelf. That I'm sure of.

beth_blsktbgr ,


This was the worst of the trilogy. I was excited to read Bric’s story after his change in the second book. He is so hurt that he sets himself to maliciously hurt Nadia anyway he can. I was looking forward to her being dominant as that is how she is described and man was I disappointed! She has NO backbone whatsoever and he humiliates her and even physically hits her and somehow at the end of the scene/chapter she still thinks she’s winning the game ? She never stood up for herself when it mattered and she just kept taking and taking this humiliation. Then there’s the “this is a week long game and won’t go over that time frame” but they buy a house and she moves in and they never address the expiration date? Huge disappointment and these books were not worth it.

Jenzny ,

Really fell for Bric!

This has been one of the hottest trilogies that I ever read. And if you think that this book isn't going to be as good as the others you are sadly mistaken. Bric finally meets his match. A gal by the name of Nadia. She is a strong, kickass heroine! There are some scenes where I thought I was going to have to take a cold shower. Very hot and sexy. We learn so much about Bric's personal life and I really didn't expect any of that. I feel like this book had me a bit more emotional than the others. Bric's loneliness really hit me in the heart. It was sad to see him vulnerable with the "loss" of his friends as they embark on their relationships. I also loved Jordan! He played smaller roles in the previous books, but I feel like we get a good glimpse of him and he is not what I had expected. Really loved this series.

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