His Virgin Princess

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Danielle arrives on Everis excited to meet her new mate. She watches as her friends find happiness while haunted by dreams of an Everian Hunter who will not come for her—a mate who refuses to claim her. But something isn't right. The dreams turn dark. Tortured. Her mate is suffering, and nothing will stop her from finding him—especially not his stern orders to choose another, to protect herself above all others, and cherish her life above his own.

Gage of Everis is heir to a seat on the Seven, the ruling council of families that have held power on Everis for thousands of years. He's the last prince of his line, the last surviving heir, and someone doesn't want him to rise to his place on the ruling council. Betrayed, tortured and alone, Gage has found solace in knowing he's protected his Marked Mate from sharing his fate. But his stubborn bride refuses to listen to reason.

When she finds him, there will be a reckoning. Not only is Gage determined to find those who betrayed him, but to conquer the wild huntress who came for him in the dark and stole his heart.

February 20
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middldigit ,

Interstellar Brides...

When her Everian mate Gage didn’t show up at the Touchstone to claim her Danielle set off to find him on her own. Dani can feel him in her dreams and she knows that he’s in trouble. She finds and rescues him but knowing that there’s a traitor in their midst means trusting no one...

R. Manor ,

Interstellar Brides The Virgins Book 3

Grace Goodwin- His Virgin Princess (Interstellar Brides: The Virgins Book #3)

Grace Goodwin’s Interstellar Brides Series and it’s spinoffs are all very awesome sci-fi adventure sexy romance amazing world building books to get lost in. There is even a site to go to where you can take a test to learn who your perfect alien mate would be.

This book focus is on the Evarian Hunters, they are like the earth special forces with unreal tracking abilities. The males are of course all alpha and have a very specific mating rites ritual which I’ll leave for the book to reveal. The Evarians are also fighters in the Coalition that is made up of many races to protect the universe and take an active fight in the never ending war with the evil Hive.

I have voiced my opinion before that I’m really not interested in virgin stories especially with such adult content. It only takes away from the romance imo. With that in mind I did like the heroine, Dani. She is from earth and has found that she has Evarian ancestry with the mate mark to prove it. Dani goes into the Alien Bride Program to find her fated mate, Gage who has the match to her mark.
I do like Dani she has been raised in the outdoors, being one with nature, fishing and surviving in the wild which her with father has taught her. How surprised and overwhelmed is Dani when she finds out not only is Gage a Prince but she is to be his Princess.

Gage is a beautiful alpha Evarian, Prince and has just ascended to take his late fathers’ place on the ruling “Council of Seven”.
This story is of course an erotic sci-fi romance but it has so much more than that going on. I was easily pulled into the danger, adventure, intrigue, mystery, suspense and surprise twists that are an equal part of the story.

I highly recommend reading the series in order, although this spin off can be read separately. The whole world of Interstellar Brides that Grace Goodwin’s has created is an awesome one to get lost in especially for Sci if romance (along with erotic)/ adventure fans.

Latrinaj ,


His Virgin Princess is the fifteh book of the interstellar Bride Program series, set on the planet Everis by Grace Goodwin. This book would be the fifth book if you count the anthology- Alpha Aliens Novella, Claiming His Virgin also set on the planet Everis, as the second book. This book is great in a series, because old characters are reintroduced and to floow along you would have to understand the ackground o teh Bride Progarm of Everis.

Danielle, a rough and ourdoor tough Earth girl is mated to Prince Gage of Everis, Danielle is a descendant of and Everis hunter, that eplains her enact ability to track and survive in the wilderness, andalso track down her mate when he’s kidnapped and left for dead.

Gage is a hunter and member of the council of seven of Everis. Strong, sexy and dominate. Someone wants Gage dead.

Danielle and Gae are bonded together through “dream Sharing”. This is where, “match mated” couples have vivid dreams with each other and they are able to sense each other from miles apart. This is especially strong for Danielle, because she has hunter traits in her. Danielle ws able to slip away and find her mate in a cave left to die.

I love the energy of this book. all fingers pint to the stepmother, but then there is an unlikely suspect, eich made a lot of sense, and was unexpected. I love Ms. Goodwin’s books, her series on Interstellar Brides is entertaining and wll thought out.

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