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He'll keep her safe no matter the cost…

When The Honourable Patrick Cranston is hired by the White family to guard a duke's sister, he's relieved. Watching one debutante is a fair sight easier than bareknuckle boxing, at least that's how it seems. At first. But as trouble swirls about Lady Millicent, threatening the delicate beauty, he realizes her circumstances are far more dangerous than he first imagined. Her life is at risk and it's his job to protect her. But that isn't what scares him the most. The more time he spends with her, the more he realizes, his heart in peril as well and that frightens the hell out of him. Still, he'll do anything to save them both.

She needs a hero…

But not for the reasons her brothers think. They're planning to match her with a rich merchant to infuse the dukedom with much needed coin, but Millie will not be any man's pawn. Not even her brother's, The Duke of Whitehaven. And when he hires a guard, she makes the bare-knuckle boxer a counteroffer. Help her earn her freedom from a loveless marriage and she'll gift him her inherited jewels, a trade that will secure his future too. But she didn't factor in one very important detail. Patrick Cranston is not a pawn either. And he's slowly, systematically stealing her breath and her affection until she's forgotten why she ever fought marriage at all.

But as France and England clash, the war threatens the White family, Millie most of all. Can Patrick hold back the forces bearing down on her? And how can she keep her heart and the future she has so carefully fought for?

August 17
Swift Romance Publishing Corp
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Peg1951 ,

The Wallflower Blooms

Patrick Cranston is the second son of a viscount, a bareknuckle boxer, and an acquaintance of Lord Justice White. He has been hired to guard Lady Millicent White while she is in London for the season. Everybody sees Millie as extremely shy and quiet, a typical wallflower, even her brothers. In this story, we see a different, spunkier, more independent side to her. The nice thing is Patrick sees and appreciates the more outgoing Millie (although she sometimes makes his job harder).

This is a somewhat fast-paced story with drama, mystery, the dastardly villain that has been antagonizing the White family through the series, and a very nice love story. Patrick is smart, hardworking, and protective. Millie is smart, observant, and very good with mathematics. These two are a perfect fit. They are able to talk to and confide in each other. There are some interesting surprises that might make not only their future, but the Ben and the Dukedom’s a lot brighter. An enjoyable story with great characters.

I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.

Starlet Rose ,

His wallflower white

It starts slow. But I truly enjoyed the story.

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