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Jensen is a mystery I can’t figure out. 

She’s a liar. A thief—though the only thing she stole is my heart. She tried her best to escape me and by pure luck, I found her. In the very last place I expected. Knowing just how desperate she is only makes me care for her more.

The only problem is my family.

My twisted and dysfunctional family.

They can never know what I know about her.

They’d destroy her. The way they’ve nearly destroyed each other. As long as we look happy on the surface, no one cares about the torment beneath. No one but Jensen.

No matter how hard we try, we can’t resist each other. As we grow closer, she’s starting to reveal pieces of herself. Sharing her secrets, sharing her truths. 

But it’s my secret that could ruin everything...

April 26
EM Publishing
EM Publishing

Customer Reviews

shellyburger73 ,


This is book two in the Damaged Hearts series and it picked right up where book one ended. So, you definitely will want to read the books in order. Rhett and Jensen are getting closer to one another, but will their secrets tear them apart? I loved how this book was from Rhett’s point of view. The first book was Jensen’s. Jensen had just told Rhett one of her “wrong’s” she has done in her life, and it turned out to be a traumatic experience in her life. But Rhett was there for her and she’s never had that before. At the end of the book, Jensen was a wreck, because the cause of her bad experience, walked right by her into Rhett’s family home. So once again we need to read on to book three to see what is going to happen. Rhett can’t believe how much he wants to spend time with Jensen. Let’s hope once all these secrets come to life, they can make it through them together!

Janett Corona ,

This series is a must read

Wow, I was going crazy waiting for the next book in this series. Monica Murphy is amazing, this series is amazing.

In the first book the whole story was told from the POV of Jensen's, now... tan tan tan!!!! This book is told by Rhett's POV, we get to see what's inside his head, his heart, and his life. This boy is amazing, I love him so much, the way he loves Jensen is amazing. These two are amazing!!! Jensen and Rhett have this chemistry that is... ugh, PERFECT! I wanted more, I want more, I AM MORE THAN READY FOR THE 3RD BOOK OF THE SERIES!!!! The way this ended? well let's just say. If I didn't go crazy waiting for the 2nd book, I am for sure going to go crazy for the 3rd book. 

This series is a must read, you need to read book 1 before this book; but trust me, book one is just as amazing as book 2.!! 

Mdramagurl ,

His Wasted Heart

This one was even more angsty and emotional than the first and oh how I loved it all. I ate up this story and I am dying for the next one in this series. I have fallen hard for Rhett and I can't wait to see what will happen next! I am so addicted to seeing where this story will end up and seeing the progression of this relationship. I am definitely invested.

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