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This HiSET study guide includes practice test questions. Our study guide contains easy-to-read essential summaries that highlight the key areas of the HiSET test. Mometrix's HiSET test study guide reviews the most important components of the HiSET exam.

The HiSET Exam is extremely challenging, and thorough test preparation is essential for success. HiSET Exam Secrets Study Guide is the ideal prep solution for anyone who wants to pass the HiSET.

Not only does it provide a comprehensive guide to the HiSET Exam as a whole, it also provides practice test questions as well as detailed explanations of each answer.

HiSET Exam Secrets Study Guide includes:

An examination of reading
A breakdown of writing - part I
An analysis of writing - part II
A guide to mathematics
An extensive overview of science
A comprehensive breakdown of social studies
Comprehensive practice questions with detailed answer explanations

It's filled with the critical information you'll need in order to do well on the test: the concepts, procedures, principles, and vocabulary that the Educational Testing Service (ETS) expects you to have mastered before sitting for the exam.

The Reading section covers:

Reading comprehension
Inference and interpretation
Synthesis and generalization

The Writing - Part I section covers:

Organization of ideas
Language facility
Grammar review
Improving sentences and paragraphs
Reference sources

The Writing - Part II section covers:

Understanding the assignment
Developing ideas
Argumentative and persuasive writing
Reviewing the essay

The Mathematics section covers:

Number sense and operations
Algebra and functions
Data analysis, probability, and statistics
Measurement and geometry

The Science section covers:

Life science
Organization of life
Physical science
Motion, force, and work
Chemical properties
Earth's systems
Parts and processes of the earth
Organization of outer space

The Social Studies section covers:

U.S. history
World history
Civics and government

These sections are full of specific and detailed information that will be key to passing the HiSET Exam. Concepts and principles aren't simply named or described in passing, but are explained in detail. The guide is laid out in a logical and organized fashion so that one section naturally flows from the one preceding it. Because it's written with an eye for both technical accuracy and accessibility, you will not have to worry about getting lost in dense academic language.

HiSET test prep book that provides a comprehensive review for the HiSET test.
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