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This fascinating and informative series of Soviet space program history reports begins with this reproduction of two truly historic documents: Review of the Soviet Space Program 1967 and Soviet Space Programs, 1966-70. The history of the Russian spaceflight effort is chronicled in these superb Congressional Research Service reports to Congress. The early reports were authored by a renowned Soviet space expert, the late Dr. Charles S. Sheldon. They provide an "as-it-happened" contemporaneous account of every element of the Soviet program: manned and unmanned programs, military satellite, launch sites, compendiums of official statements, plans, and much more. Every student of space flight needs to have these important reports in their collection.

Review of the Soviet Space Program 1967 With Comparative United States Data - Tools available to Soviet space flight * Launch sites for orbiting vehicles * Soviet launch vehicles * Basic space flight statistics * Soviet space program development * The early Sputniks 1957-58 * Early Luna flights 1959 * The Vostok program 1960-63 * Interplanetary Zond flights 1960-67 * The next generation Luna program 1963-66 * Polet vehicles 1963-64 * Elektron vehicles 1964 * Renewed manned flights with Voskhod 1964-65 * The Kosmos series of launchings 1962-67 * The Kapustin Yar series * Tyuratam recoverable series * Tyuratam large nonrecoverable series * Tyuratam smaller nonrecoverable payloads * Remaining Kosmos program elements * The Molniya series 1965-67 * Proton payloads 1965-66 * Renewed manned flights with Soyuz 1966-67 * Soviet policy and plans * Organization of the Soviet space program * Military and civilian roles * International cooperation * Shares of gross national product allocated to space * Benefits sought from the space program * Mission goals of the Soviet space program * Philosophy on the future of space * Sources and methodology for analysis * Soviet policies on information * Western official data on space flight * Policy shifts on space publicity * Security policy * Glossary * Addendum: * Venus results in 1967 * Automatic docking in space * High level of activity * Early prospects * Updating the log of space flights * Soviet orbital weapon system

Soviet Space Programs, 1966-70 - I. Political goals and purposes of the U.S.S.R. in space * II. Organization of the Soviet space program * III. Resource allocations and the Soviet space program * IV. Overview, launch sites, launch vehicles, ground support * V. Program details of unmanned flights * VI. Program details of manned flights * VII. Soviet bioastronautics: Biological, behavioral, and medical problems * VIII. Soviet applications of space to the economy * IX. Soviet military space activities * Chapter One - Political Goals And Purposes Of The U.S.S.R. In Space * Chapter Two - Organization Of The Soviet Space Program * Chapter Three - Resource Allocations And The Soviet Space Program * Chapter Four - Overview, Supporting Facilities And Launch Vehicles Of The Soviet Space Program * Chapter Five—Program Details Of Unmanned Flights * Chapter Six—Program Details Of Manned Flights * Chapter Seven—Soviet Bio Astronautics: Biological, Behavioral And Medical Problems * Chapter Eight - Soviet Applications Of Space To The Economy * Chapter Nine - Soviet Military Space Activities * Chapter Ten - Projections Of Soviet Space Plans * Chapter Eleven - Soviet Attitude Toward International Cooperation In Space * Chapter Twelve - Soviet Attitudes Toward Outer Space Law

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