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History Adventures, World of Characters, Book 3, (1750-1900), presents a fresh approach to history education, designed for today’s digital generation.

This interactive, multimodal learning experience combines the latest in mobile entertainment with the power of narrative design—bringing the pages of history to life.

History Adventures foregrounds the power of story, narrativizing the experiences of people who lived in past centuries—in different epochs and locations around the globe. Students will witness the very real moments these very real people lived through, as if they were there. And via the empathy inspired by quality storytelling, students will feel the life or death stakes of decisions made in the moment.

The January 2020 release of History Adventures covers the Period from 1750-1900 through the lens of 5 amazing people living through complex flash-points in time.

Book 3 Features:

- Agent 355, (a slave... and an American Revolutionary War spy)

- Jiemba, (an indigenous Australian at Botany Bay when the British convict ships arrived)

- Fei Hong, (a Chinese family man, surviving the Opium Wars)

- Khari, (a native rebel resisting Belgian oppression during the (so-called) Congo Free State)

- Thomas Brown, (a muckraking reporter, working to expose the malpractice of the Chicago Meatpacking Industry).

History Adventures, World of Characters, Book 3 (1750-1900), will go live on iTunes, January of 2020, available for download around the world!

Created by Spencer Striker, PhD

Professional & Technical
January 31
History Adventures
Spencer Striker
Grades 12 and Below

Customer Reviews

danilobarbosa313 ,

Makes you think

Not your normal boring textbook approach. Instead this eBook encourages students to use their imaginations. Very visual, and nice sound effects. I'm showing it to my students in class and they respond it. Great new history app.

gracepitts123456 ,

Choose Your Own Adventure, but better than the 80s!

I kept thinking I wish they had this type of animated history format when I was growing up. I would have paid more attention in school!

elis281 ,

Great stories but sometimes too much features

I really like the story about the character, Agent 355 whos very brave during the Revolution. But I wish the story was longer, actually