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Develop a positive working relationship between researchers and community groups focusing on HIV/AIDS prevention, and discover how to evaluate HIV/AIDS programs!

An indispensable manual for everyone involved with HIV/AIDS research, prevention techniques, and the needs of individuals with HIV/AIDS, HIV/AIDS Prevention: Current Issues in Community Practice covers everything from the likelihood of condom usage by college women to the psychological effects on minority men infected with the HIV/AIDS virus. Essential reading for psychologists, research scientists who work with communities or who are involved in AIDS prevention programs, and for care takers of people with HIV/AIDS, Contemporary Topics in HIV/AIDS Prevention covers the necessary collaborative steps needed to create a positive researcher/community based organization (COB) partnership that will benefit researchers and those affected by the disease.

In HIV/AIDS Prevention, you will examine many different models designed to effectively foster a positive researcher/CBO relationship while learning how to overcome problems you may encounter when researching a social issue or working with a researcher. This book also explains how and why many HIV prevention programs have been poorly evaluated due to a lack of funds and social politics. In addition, you will discover how you can obtain and/or perform a true evaluation of an HIV prevention program. In HIV/AIDS Prevention, you will explore many important issues and factors that help create successful programs, including: factors necessary for valid HIV/AIDS prevention program evaluations assessments of coping strategies, psychological variables, and the physical well-being of African- American and Latino men living with HIV/AIDS steps for the collaborative process between researchers and community groups making a good match between community-based organizations and researchers

HIV/AIDS Prevention gives you pertinent information and guidelines for selecting a community-based organization to work with and the steps to creating a successful relationship. This book will give you the strategies and information you need in order to give pastoral support and prevention education to at-risk individuals. You will discover what is necessary for a true HIV/AIDS prevention program evaluation.

March 5
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