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A new angsty stand alone romance from USA Today bestselling author K.A. Linde that will keep you guessing which man is her groom and which one objects…

I’m in love with two men.

But I can only marry one.

And today is my wedding day.

The bridesmaids button my wedding dress. They titter excitedly as the music begins. My groom is waiting for me. I walk down the aisle prepared to say I do. All according to plan.

Except for the shout from the back of the room, “I object!”

I should have known it couldn’t be that easy. After over a decade of push and pull, neither of them is going to let me go. We’re a trio that should have never been. Me and Cole and Ash. One that I’m to marry and one that I’m to leave behind.

Now, once and for all, I have to choose: my groom or the man objecting?

But until then…hold the forevers.

February 23
K.A. Linde Inc.
Kyla Linde

Customer Reviews

amandac3 ,


Ohhhhhh mannnnn!!! This book is amazing!!!
I’ve yet to read a K.A. Linde book that I didn’t like, but this is easily one of her best works! The angst!!! Good lord. So deliciously good. The characters. Loved them, hated them, loved them. So much back and forth. Emotional whiplash galore. And it was glorious!!!

I can’t say much without giving all the deets away. We’re taken on a tumultuous journey as Lila, Ash, and Cole find their happily ever after. And buckle up because it’s a rough one, but also so beautiful. You will be on the edge of your seat until the very end. I could not put this book down. I was sucked in from the very beginning. This will easily be one of my top reads this year!

Virna Thompson ,

So many feels! Angst-filled and emotional!


I could not wait to read Hold the Forevers by KA Linde. Books full of angst are my kryptonite and I love them! This one was full of all the angst and I devoured it. A love triangle that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end. How will it all end? I want to share so much, but at the same time this is one you just have to read and experience.

Can you love two men at the same time? Delilah did and had to choose one to spend her life with. We know what her situation is, but we are taken back as we learn how each man came into her life, what they meant and how she finds herself where she is. One was her first love and the other came later. Both were good men. How could she choose? Let me tell you, it is worth the ride to read the story and find out!

Happy reading!

Raiderchick81 ,

A love story like you’ve never read!

I’m not even sure where to start with the review. I finished this book over a day ago and I can’t move on or get it out of my head. Hold the Forevers is a story that I know will stay with me for a long time.

Hold the Forevers is a love story about life altering, earth shattering all consuming love. The only problem is that Delilah experiences it with not one, but two different men, Ash and Cole.
I haven’t read a book with this level of angst in such a long time. The back and forth between each couple was a rollercoaster ride. But I got it, the way Lila feels about each one is that deep in your soul kind of love that doesn’t go away. The book spans the course of 11 years, it goes back and forth in time a bit but not in a confusing way. The story was so perfectly written, in Lila’s POV only. While I would have loved to get inside the head of both Cole and Ash, I think you needed to hear lila’s thoughts. She was the one always in the middle of these two great loves.

I was rooting for one of the men through the entire book. There was something about their connection that drew me to him more. In the end, the story ended perfectly. I loved very character in the book. I loved that Lila never played the damsel in distress, she wasn’t playing with either of the men’s emotions, she truly loved them both. I would never want to be put in her situation but I think she handled it the best she could.

A heart stopping 6 star book!!

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