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Do you have the desire to understand who you are and what makes you persevere to become greater? Having a low self-esteem can hinder you from achieving your dreams. It is vital to know that because we have an all-loving Father who created us in a realm of love that we can love ourselves. It is vital to know that Christ Jesus paid the price so that we can and will not let the circumstances of our lives hold us captive, and through Him we can do anything.

Essie Sullivan’s Hold Your Head Up! Your Self-Esteem Matters unlocks keys to guide you through becoming a more significant you. Through her experiences of life, you will be able to grasp Bible-based principles that release you from the bondage of your past. She shares as an African-American female, she was able to overcome self-esteem barriers. In doing so, she conquered the stereotypes of being a divorced single parent. In rearing three children without a spouse in the home, she continued to trust in the Lord. Acquiring a Master’s in Business Administration, she was able to be a role model her children needed.

Overall, this memoir allows you to understand that regardless of the pains from your childhood, adolescent, teenage, and adult years in living in a rut, you are fearfully and wonderfully made. That no matter how much you have striven to think more of yourself, you can know your beauty is found in the eye of your Creator. That mere man cannot provide you the inner release from captivity because you have the power through Christ Jesus to be alive unto God. You will discover that in forgiving others, you can have the power to love others. In so doing, you have the power to love yourself and overcome any obstacle.

Second book will be for men: You have a rightful place in Christ; you are somebody and honored!

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August 23
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