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Up until that night, everything was perfect. I’d just finished my junior year, been named one of the best college football players in the country, and had a smokin’ hot girl on my lap in the back of my buddy’s SUV on our way to a party at the cabin.

Now I’m living in my own personal hell, reliving that night, my busted-up leg a constant reminder of what I’m trying to forget. Everyone in this damn town is holding their breath to see if I’ll play again, as if that even matters anymore. My future in the pros? The money? The media attention? I don’t give a s**t about any of it anymore.

All I want is to be left alone so I’m pissed when my mom goes and hires some damn cleaning lady for the house I’ve been renting. I’m expecting some old lady and that’s who I get until one day she doesn’t show up. Instead I get a girl with a beautiful face, soulful eyes, and a body I can’t stop looking at. 

Her name is Becca and she’s hot as hell but the girl asks a lot of damn questions. Questions I don’t want to answer. But when she’s gone, I miss her like you wouldn’t believe. Sometimes I’ll make the house extra messy just so she’ll stay longer. It’s pathetic, I know, but this is what I’ve become.

I’m Ethan Baxter. And I’m barely holding on.

August 28
Waltham Publishing, LLC
Stephanie Karpinske

Customer Reviews

Missnlinc ,

Holding on

Allie does it again. A great writer who has an ability to make her readers get lost in another world. Keep these books coming.

Loki the Munchkin ,

Must Read

I enjoyed Holding On. Allie Everhart is able to drag you into her stories so you can't put the book down. Ethan and Becca has amazing chemistry and made you root for them. I recommend this book and ALL Allie Everhart books.

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