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Warning: This 6,200 word short story contains scenes of explicit sex and is intended for mature readers only.

Love can not be confined to those who are exactly like us...

Hap has always been hapless and hopeless. Naturally clutzy, he finds himself lost in the dark forest, parted from the company of men who have entered to find the witches lair and free their children. When he comes upon a cottage inhabited by the most beautiful woman he's even seen, he's instantly smitten, love at first site capturing his heart. But will she reciprocate his feelings, or will her secrets keep Hap from realizing his dream of true love? And what happens when she's capture, taken away, and a man who gets lost in his own village must track her down and free her?

The throbbing in his head was almost gone when he finished off the tankard. He suppressed a small belch and sat up, this time without the waves of nausea and the pain that had threatened to crack his skull open. “What a wonderful drink. What was in it?”

She began ladling stew into stone bowls. “My own recipe. Better you not know, good man Anson.”

“Call me Hap, please.”

She glanced over at him, and he thought he saw something behind her eyes, something primal and deep, a need that ran beneath her taught, wary exterior. “Hap.” She turned away, placing the bowls on the table along with some spoons, and took a seat. “Come eat.”

He rose slowly, making sure there would be no further return of the pain, and walked gingerly to the table. No stars re-appeared before his eyes, and he took his seat without incident. The spoon was made of wood, crude but polished smooth, and he dug into the stew, realizing quickly how hungry he had become during the long day of hiking.

Fiction & Literature
June 13
Virginia Flowers
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