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John Ryle had his beginnings at Oxford, where he was an athlete and first class student of the Greats. He was headed for a career in politics, but then was called to the ministry. This work is a study of holiness, or Christian perfection. Ryle works to debunk many of the popular beliefs of his day concerning holiness. Reviewers praise his balance of honest, tough-love messages and compassionate, pastoral care. An intense but readable book, Holiness has been inspiration for living a Christian life for over a century. Believers looking for instructions on how to improve their lifestyle and continue the process of sanctification will value this book, which discusses grace, God's love, and, of course, holiness. -Abby Zwart, CCEL Staff Writer

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October 22
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Romans5:8 ,

Don’t Pass This By

This ranks as one of the best books I’ve read on the true Christian life of service and sacrifice to the King, Christ Jesus. I had seen it listed as a recommended book by a number of prominent pastors and theologians, and had delayed in reading it as I figured it might be written in a too highly academic manner or since it was written almost 150 years ago the language would be hard to follow.

But I gladly say I was very wrong. Although the writing is a bit different from today’s style, it is easily understandable in its form, as Ryle was clearly writing to the average person sitting in the pews. Both the strong or weak Christian alike have much to gain from taking the time and reading this book. Don’t pass it by.

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