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Winning lotto possesses all of Tahlia Cameron’s thoughts. So does a certain sexily suave star of the TV naval drama she watches every week. 

She’s convinced she’ll win millions, move to Hollywood, and marry him. And then comes a call. A call that's about to change the rest of her life. So, what’s the first thing she does? She makes a to-do list!

Flying off to Hollywood, she begins setting up the fashion and jewellery empire she’s always dreamed of owning, all while shopping up an absolute storm. 

Win lotto, move to Hollywood and set up business. Triple check.

But karma depleting drama comes with her new life, such as seriously tiresome run-ins with seriously bitchy celebs, being stalked by a hot Italian stud from a hot TV crime drama, and saving a bigwig network C.E.O. and then his wife. And it all happens before she meets her future husband. 

Meet annoyingly bitchy celebs and save a bigwig. Double check.

When she does meet her future husband they both know it's love, and she’s determined to make him hers. But tragedy strikes at a huge network function where she has to save every celebrity in TV Land before she marries the man of her dreams. 

Marry a really huge TV star and try not to seek media attention. Double check.

As Tahlia battles anguished demons, life-altering wounds, and seriously depleted karma, she knows she can get through it all and kick her really bad karma to the curb with the love of her man by her side.

Find fame, fortune and good karma. Double check. And we’ll leave that last one for some other time…

And then she receives another call

A call from one of the world’s biggest daytime TV hosts…

If you love kick-ass heroines who save the day, and fall in love with sexily suave TV actors, then you’ll love L.J. Diva’s Hollywood Dreams: A Karmic Tale of Money, Love and Bitchy TV Drama Queens!

Pick up Hollywood Dreams: A Karmic Tale of Money, Love and Bitchy TV Drama Queens! today to discover who Tahlia gets a call from, and if she can get her good karma back!

March 23
Royal Star Publishing
Royal Star Publishing

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