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    Like the ugly duckling that turns into a regal swan, can this loser intern turn into a Hollywood icon?
    When a top Hollywood screenwriter lets an attractive bikini clad intern move into his beach house's spare bedroom, she turns his life upside down. Her career takes off, while his crashes. A touch of satire and comedy suffuses this dramatic story of love and loss.

    It's a comedy-drama from both the woman's perspective and the man's perspective. She wants to work; he wants to play. It's like they're living in two completely different worlds. 

    It started after a "pitch meeting" at Hollywood Burbank Studios when the screenwriter convinces the studio heads to pay him $3 million to write their next big movie. 

    “I’ll help you write it,” chimed in Karen, the 23-year-old intern, sitting at the conference table. 

    “And who are you?” asked the screenwriter. 

    “I’m your new intern,” said Karen. 

    “Ha! Writers don’t have interns. We work at home,” he said. 

    “Great. What time do you start working? I'll see you at your place tomorrow morning, bright and early.” 

    “Now I know you're joking,” he laughed. 

    She wasn't kidding, as he would find out a few days later when she moved into his spare bedroom. 

    Little does he realize, the tables are going to be turning as the intern starts shooting up the Hollywood ladder. This is the town where today's barista can be tomorrow's studio head, and vice versa.

    And as their career paths cross, one up and the other down, and their romance sours, their relationship turns into a series of bizarre, darkly comic, revenge plots.

    It's an epistolary novel for the internet age, with long self-probing soliloquies, making for a lot of fun in this bed-hopping adventure from the shores of California, to the beaches of the French Riviera, and beyond!

November 27
G Kerr Publications
Gregory Kerr

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