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Films and television shows aren’t just entertainment. They are powerful vehicles that influence social and political trends, ultimately shaping the very fabric of our culture. Because of this potential, there are various agencies which work behind the scenes in Hollywood to harness these forces for their own aims or those of their clients. 

 Few people outside the industry are aware that such agencies exist and are hired by advocacy groups to lobby studios, writers, and producers in order to get their ideas inserted into plots of popular works.

 These Hollywood lobbyists have been instrumental in successfully paving the path for same-sex marriage to become legal, destigmatizing abortion, encouraging mass immigration, and sounding the alarm about climate change; all under the cloak of mere “entertainment.” 

 More recently we’ve seen these same powers levied against President Trump, his supporters, and used to demonize “white privilege” as an invisible enemy that’s supposedly around every corner.

Even sports and late-night comedy shows are employed for political causes, violating the once unwritten cardinal rules of their industries. In this groundbreaking work, media analyst Mark Dice details the true power of entertainment and proves how it is being used to wage a psychological war against the world.

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Customer Reviews

George Sokorai ,

The Truth Sets Us Free

I started out not knowing much about Mark Dice, other than a few videos he posts on Rumble.com. His book is riveting. He exposes the Hollywood elitists and their true colors. The level of control that the media and Hollywood has over content to brainwash TV watching sheeple is amazing. In the book, Mark not only shows the hypocrisy that Hollywood exhibits to blatantly lie to promote Socialism and in some cases Communism, but how they will not stick to their own rules. Rules for thee but not for me is Hollywoods credo.

His take is brilliant and refreshing. I have since canceled my cable subscription, Netflix account, and Prime Video. Thank you, Mark, for exposing me to the truth.

People Trash Now ,

Great book but there are some mistakes

This was a good read that exposes and explains what many of us have been seeing in Hollywood over the past number of years and even decades before that. Although, I want to point out that there are some what looks to be honest mistakes. In one of the first few chapters you reference Stephen Colbert’s Our Cartoon President as being on HBO when it’s actually on Showtime. Also, in the chapter about crimes inspired by Hollywood, you inaccurately reference rapper The Game’s song “Dead People.” Being a former fan of hip hop I know about this material and you state that he released the song two days after the Sandy Hook incident which frames it as being insensitive to the situation but he actually recorded and released it before that incident happened. The incident happened on 12/14/12 but The Game released the song on 12/11//12 as a bonus track on his album that released that day and a video was put out of him in 2011 recording that song. I understand talking about the violent subject matter the song and many other rap songs have but it was not released or created after the Sandy Hook incident as I’ve just explained so putting that in your book saying it came out two days after it happened trying to show it as insensitive to that situation is dishonest. These two examples of having inaccurate information in your book can cause some readers, such as myself, to question the accuracy of the other information and references you used. Outside of that, as previously stated this was a good read and I would’ve given it a 5/5 if it wasn’t for the issues I’ve just explained. Hoping you take notice.

GTTW350 ,

Great book

It is unreal the amount of manipulation that goes on behind the scene.

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