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Hollywood Remains to Be Seen is a fascinating, gossipy guide to the fourteen most significant Hollywood-area cemeteries and the final resting places of the movie stars who are buried in them. Arranged as easy-to-follow tours of the properties, the fourteen chapters -- one for each cemetery -- include histories of the cemeteries, directions for finding them, and a detailed listing of exactly where more than three hundred stars are buried. Strange as it may seem, cemeteries are becoming one of the most popular destinations for tourists to Hollywood and for film fans who want to pay their respects to the rich and famous and passed-on. Every year, millions of people from all over the world visit the graves of the legendary film stars buried in Hollywood, and the interest in these places grows from year to year. Hollywood Remains to Be Seen highlights the legend and lore of celebrity graves, from Rudolph Valentino's mysterious "Lady in Black" to the regular delivery of one red rose to Marilyn Monroe's grave,,to the strange journeys made by the body of John Barrymore immediately after his death in 1942 -- and again thirty-eight years later. Also included are information and images of Hollywood's most lavish and majestic graves, from the huge mausoleum of Douglas Fairbanks Sr., complete with Roman pillars and a giant reflecting pool; to Liberace's flamboyant tomb, with a musical score set on white marble; to the spectacular domed monument of Al Jolson, featuring a life-sized statue of the entertainer atop a 120-foot cascading waterfall. Heavily illustrated with nearly one hundred photographs, Hollywood Remains to Be Seen includes photographs of the celebrities as well as photographs ofthe cemeteries, mausoleums, and graves, maps of the burial grounds and gravesites, and a final section fitly titled "Exit Lines" made up of celebrities' last words.

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November 19
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