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Get all five Hollywood to Olympus romances in one great set.

Screen Idol

If actor Chris Peck plays his cards right, acting as the slave-for-a-day could earn him the leading roll in an upcoming movie, but the winner wants nothing to do with him. Sydney Richardson should have locked the door when a Greek god appeared on her front step at sunrise. After months of work to ensure her fundraiser goes off without a hitch, she can't afford to waste time with a TV hunk, no matter how good he looks in a toga. 

Chris is captivated by Sydney and he promises to put her charity efforts over the top. However, just when he convinces Sydney they could have a real chance together, the movie's producers offer him an audition that means leaving Sydney in the lurch. The king of the gods has until sunset to prove to his new off-screen love interest that Hollywood magic and true-life romance can co-exist.

Drama Queen

Layla Andrews isn't really a bitch – she just plays one on television. For the last year, she's acted like one while she was forced to serve probation for something she didn't do. Now she's done her time and she's ready to start living again. Russ Vukovich, the show's fight coordinator, had been attracted to Layla since the first time he saw her, but as they gets closer, he also sees more of what she hides beneath the mask she wears. 

As Layla and Russ try to navigate their new relationship, families, danger, and secrets work against them at every turn. Can they find a true happily-ever-after when they are surrounded by lies?

Leading Man

Olympus heartthrob Nick Thurston is a leading man with a problem. His new play opens in a month and when it comes to the pivotal waltz scene, he can't lead. Ashleigh Jessup needs to find a new building to take her booming dance studio to the next level. She doesn't have time for a private student, but she'll make an exception to earn extra money for her down payment.

Things heat up on the dance floor and between the sheets, but when past relationships intrude on the present, Nick and Ashleigh must decide if their future is worth a fight.

It Girl

Sean Glenn fell for Caitlin the first time he saw her, almost a year ago. Now that the rising star is working on his show, he could finally have a shot with her, if it weren't for his well-known history as a player. Entertainer Caitlin Kelly has spent the last decade taking every job she could get. When her new role on a hit show brings fame and a potential real-life love interest, she has to make some serious choices about her priorities. 

While Caitlin is torn about decisions the spotlight forces on her, especially those regarding Sean, the actor is suffering his own problems with stardom. Sean finds himself in a stalker's sights, and the safest place for Caitlin may be far away from him. Is love strong enough to keep them together?

Action Hero

Nobody in Hollywood takes cable television star Glinda Crawford seriously, and that's not going to change with her next movie, which has descended into a cheesy flick about rabid, cyborg, panda assassins. Mike Mosley has leveraged his teen-age TV heartthrob days into a successful adult acting career, but the first week on the set of his new movie with his Olympus co-star Glinda has him second-guessing everything: his plans, his single status, and just how dangerous robot pandas can be. 

When script shenanigans spill into the real world, the attraction Glinda and Mike have been faking turns into a hot, real-life adventure. If they can survive this movie, they can survive anything together. However, the shocking finale surprises them both.

February 20
SBD Entertainment
Draft2Digital, LLC

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