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This New York Times Notable Book is an emotional powerhouse of a novel about a modern Odysseus returning to a 1950s America mined with lethal pitfalls for an unwary Black man. 

When Frank Money joined the army to escape his too-small world, he left behind his cherished and fragile little sister, Cee. After the war, he journeys to his native Georgia with a renewed sense of purpose in search of his sister, but it becomes clear that their troubles began well before their wartime separation. Together, they return to their rural hometown of Lotus, where buried secrets are unearthed and where Frank learns at last what it means to be a man, what it takes to heal, and—above all—what it means to come home.

Washington Post Notable Work of Fiction
A Best Book of the Year: NPR, AV Club, St. Louis Dispatch

Fiction & Literature
May 8
Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group
Penguin Random House LLC

Customer Reviews

mispris006 ,

Good read

Good story. Great writing.

DoWriteMan ,

A powerful appetizer

Length does not dictate the quality of a story but I wanted more: I wanted to witness the healing of Cee and Frank; I wanted to watch Lily take possession of her own home. The writing is lyrical and brutal, a mirror of the conflicts and dreams that create the story of this unique family. Some parts will make you squirm, others will bring a wide smile to your face. The first- and third-person narrator format was confusing at first but now I realize I (the reader) was part of Frank's return to reality . . . and a new life. "Home" is a tasty starter but now I'm ready for the main course. Maybe Toni will cook up a sequel that puts Lotus into the capable hands of Miss Ethel and her hard-working crew of church women.

twa1807 ,


A well written and powerful story that ends too soon. I would love to know what happens to Cee and Frank after they bury their past. Maybe Morrison is setting up a sequel?

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