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Get the Best Mortgage Deal in Today’s Real Estate Markets--and Avoid a Whole New Generation of Scams!

The only book that covers today’s radically new mortgage and credit realities

Exposes new secrets, lies, and scams the mortgage industry doesn’t want you to know about

Reveals how to save thousands right now by finding the best rate and negotiating the best deal

Guides you step-by-step through improving your credit and preparing to buy, even if you’ve faced foreclosure

Want to buy a home? Thinking about refinancing? The mortgage markets have turned upside down, and you can’t afford to rely on old, obsolete information! Don’t get swindled, and don’t pay a dime more than you have to: Read Homebuyers Beware, the only complete guide to today’s real estate financing realities!

Carolyn Warren offers up-to-the-minute, step-by-step techniques for getting the financing you need, at the lowest possible rate: tips and techniques that could save you tens of thousands of dollars! Warren also reveals a whole new generation of scams every bit as dangerous as yesterday’s worst subprime mortgages and shows exactly how to avoid them.

From the newest laws and guidelines for approval to innovative new techniques for boosting your credit score, it’s all here: everything you need to make the best deal, right now!

Everything you thought you knew about financing a house has changed. Your future depends on knowing today’s mortgage and credit realities: Relying on older information could cost you a fortune or keep you from buying a house altogether. In Homebuyers Beware, Carolyn Warren reveals the new realities of home financing and shows exactly how to take advantage of them, whether you’re buying your first home, refinancing, struggling with imperfect credit, or planning to invest in real estate.

Homebuyers Beware reveals new secrets homebuyers simply can’t afford to miss and exposes new scams that target today’s eager consumers--including new loans that look great on paper but are every bit as dangerous as yesterday’s subprimes. Unlike other mortgage guides, this book fully reflects today’s radically new mortgage requirements, in addition to the latest federal housing legislation and how to improve your credit rating. From its up-to-the-minute guidance on real estate negotiation to its powerful tips on getting lower interest rates and avoiding bogus junk fees, this may be the most valuable book you ever read!

Who’s ripping you off now
High-tech “smoke and mirrors” that can trick you into overpaying

Quick, easy, powerful ways to fix your credit
Innovative ways to raise your credit score or recover from a foreclosure or short sale

Uncovering the costly secrets of the Yield Spread Premium
Get past your banker’s lies, learn the truth, and save a fortune

The latest laws and credit rules and what they mean to you
So-called anti-predatory laws and codes of conduct actually hurt homebuyers. Learn what you can do to protect yourself from big corporation greed.

New plans for recovering from bad credit, foreclosures, or short sales
Step-by-step techniques that erase bad credit and raise your credit score faster than you ever thought possible. Learn how to recover from a foreclosure or short sale.

Business & Personal Finance
October 14
FT Press
Pearson Education Inc.

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