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This ebook includes simple cakes, difficult cakes, and, as well, over the top cakes.  Use your favorite mild-tasting honey, such as honey from Hawaii.  This ebook is for everyone who loves honey:  eating it, buying it, or making it.

TECHNICAL GUIDE:  Periodically, your iPad app will notify you when this ebook has updates.  This is how I add new recipes.  This is how I continue on existing recipes.  Always, with your input.  Please leave your comments on Facebook.  Please leave your comments on my yellow kitchen dot com.

Hector Wong is a Hawaii-based baker who specializes on recipe writing.  He has been featured in Hana Hou Magazine, the Honolulu Star Advertiser, the New York Times, and the International Association of Culinary Professionals.  Hector is a graduate from the Cordon Rose cooking school.

“Back in Peru, for my 8th birthday, my mother taught me to make my own birthday cake.  Ten years later, when my family moved to the U.S., my Aunt gave me a copy of the world’s best-selling cookbook The Cake Bible, by Rose Levy Beranbaum.  Over the years, I have baked every recipe in The Cake Bible and have come to understand how truly accurate the title of the book is.  Rose and I built a working relationship and, later, a friendship - all through the beauty of baking.

My work is credited to the many friends and farmers who bring inspiration to my cakes. My dream is to continue formulating cakes as Rose has taught me. I hope you enjoy this ebook and that it leads to many others for your enjoyment.

I enjoy adapting to today’s nutrition needs. I’ve formulated gluten-free cakes, used avocado in place of butter, or substituted honey for sugar. Everything is still high in calories, though. For that, you need to paddling.”

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