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Honey Jane Moon is a scrappy little know-it all—brave, smart, but ill-prepared to become the most famous child star in America, even though she's not quite as young as everyone believes. It won't take her long to drive the men in her life crazy. There's Eric Dillion, a smoldering bad boy and one of Hollywood's most gifted actors. And Dash Coogan, the last of the cowboy heroes, a man trapped on a screen too small to contain a legend. When Honey falls in love, she'll do it the only way she knows how—with all her heart.

October 1
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Customer Reviews

Bee4406 ,

Honey moon

Loved everyone of SEP's books. This one is no different. Her characters and stories make you laugh and cry.

Lissa426 ,

I just re-read for sixth time.

This was the first book of hers I had ever read. I got it at a drugstore back when it first came out. I loved it and then began to follow her through the years. I re-read books when the story keeps coming to mind when I am trying to get to sleep. I love this book more now than I did back then with one exception. I felt like the "older" characters were portrayed way too old. I'm in my forties now and by no means do I feel as old as they seemed to. Other than that I enjoyed it just as much with this re-visit. And I got back all the little details I lose in between readings.

Jmercado1231 ,

I loved and hated this book....

I both loved and hated this book at the same time. Not hate it a bad way. Just all the emotions I felt when reading this book. I had family member go through the same thing that one of the characters in this book want through. So it hit close to home. The book overall was great at first it took off slow with little dialogue but I understood later on why. This book made me laugh cry and wish for things. Purely amazing. I'm reading it again.

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