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Never again… 

Poppy swore she’d never be with a vampire again, but she’s beginning to think there might be one exception…

Poppy withdrew into the Alaskan wilderness to escape the immortals who wanted to drain her life, her will, her very soul... but when her long-lost sister reaches out with a desperate plea, Poppy knows she'll do anything to save her. Even accepting the help of a bold, brash, and far-too-fetching vampire stranger…

Never again… 

Ulrich swore he’d never drink the blood of a human again, but he’s beginning to think there might be one exception…

Ulrich is a different kind of vampire - a rogue who lurks deep in the northern caverns under the ice. There’s only one thing that can bring him out of hiding. Revenge. And perhaps the tempting scent of one inexplicably irresistible woman…

Never say never… 

Thrown together by fate, haunted by their past, and tempted by the forbidden, they must race together in an uneasy alliance to rescue the ones they love. But what waits for them is worse than their darkest nightmares... the one thing that could change forever the balance of power between vampires and humans on Earth...

January 12
Excessica LLC

Customer Reviews

mj_toth ,

Exciting, suspenseful, sexy journey into the Blood Courtesans world

Each book in the Blood Courtesans world has sent me on a unique and engaging journey. Poppy is a driven and strong heroine. We meet her in the wilds of Alaska taking photos of a wolf pack when her sister Lily reaches out to her telepathically which causes her to reveal her location. When the wolves approach, she fears the worst until a different wolf appears, rescuing her. Ulrich has sequestered himself from the rest of the world in the Alaskan wilderness. When he scents Poppy and senses her distress, he jumps in to help her. Now Poppy almost doesn’t appreciate the rescue when she realizes that Ulrich is a vampire. But knowing that her sister Lily needs her help, an unlikely alliance is forged. There are many layers to this story that provide a perfect level of drama and suspense. The connection between Poppy and Ulrich is fabulous. Ulrich has the tough job of convincing Poppy that not all vampires are bad which is a tall order and so much fun to experience.

singneon ,

Great vampire romance

Excellent!!!! The whole story is so gripping and reads so well that I completely zoned out and traveled into their world. I am so happy that Ulrich found Poppy and vice versa, she definitely needed guidance from a strong male, shes no push-over though and is smart but she does have a few hiccups along the way. Ulrich is just perfect, I’ve never read this twist of a vampire abstaining so this just added to the excitement, he is a very determined vampire but so is his brother. Poppys story is very interesting and heartwarming, their adventure is dangerous, shocking and descriptive. The detail that the author shares is really awesome, it was like I was seeing them (catacombs) with Poppy and sometimes even cringing along with her. Poppy is a magnet for danger yet at times I wondered if she even realized it, lol. Loved this vampire romance.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

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