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Hooktheory I

Music Theory for Songwriting (2nd Edition)

Ryan Miyakawa and Others
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Publisher Description

There has never been a music book like this. Hooktheory I is a smart, fun, skill-building journey that concretely teaches you how to craft melodies and chord progressions like professional musicians and gain a deeper understanding and intuition for how music works. Validated by 16,435 musicians like you, Hooktheory I is the best selling how-to music book for instrumentalists, songwriters, producers, and DJs around the world for a reason.

This exploration of melody and chord creation is fun to read, easy to understand, and full of practical knowledge. It contains 41 interactive exercises and 88 audiovisual examples from artists like: Avicii, Beyonce, Journey, Maroon 5, and Taylor Swift that make it easy to see the techniques these successful artists use.

Reading Hooktheory I doesn’t require any previous music knowledge or the ability to read music. On average, it takes about five hours to read (but more to fully absorb) so it isn't a huge time commitment. Dedicate only a few hours to reading this book and gain a lifetime of skills that will give your music that professional edge.

We wrote this book because we were tired of all of the “songwriting” websites and books that talk vaguely of “finding your inspiration” rather than providing concrete tools to improve your music.

With Hooktheory I, we have created an approachable, intuitive resource that directly answers the hard questions: Why do certain chords fit together easily, and others not so easily? How can I get from this chord to that chord? How can I create a great melody? Hooktheory I is a book that will make you say “ah ha!” many times over.

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    Customer Reviews

    Weskulie ,

    Drop the websites, buy this book NOW!!!

    OMG this isnt an all expansive book that will make you the best writer ever. BUT what it WILL do is give you a foundation, a place to begin, and a bunch of wonderful trends that works; along with wonderful diagrams and well thought out explanations as to why these trends work in music the way they do. I wish someone would have given me this back in high school and I would be light years ahead by now.

    Salll ,

    Fantastic up to a point, then very frustrating.

    Up until about halfway through (to Harmony) this book is fantastic and explains how chords and melody work. Showing everything as scale degrees helps you see how a lot of music make sense structurally. Starting with harmony, however, things go downhill. The book only ever introduces examples of new chords and inversions of chords with the melody playing, so it is hard (for a beginner) to hear the distinctions. Never do they play just the chord sequence without the melody, so you can hear what an inversion sounds like first, which is unfortunate and not encouraging at all because it is rather subtle. Furthermore, they don’t even show you the scale degrees that the inversions are using in the examples, which is one of the main points of their software. Seems like a missed opportunity. It’s as if they rushed the second half of the book. Buying Hooktheory II is out of the question if it proceeds like the second half of HookTheory I.

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