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Rookie FBI Agent, Ryan Harmon, has just arrived at the Tucson office when a case is dropped on his desk. A young drug addict called Holly was struck by a car and begs the woman who hit her to help her gain her freedom. She tells Carson Armstrong that she ran in front of her car out of desperation, for she's one of six children kidnapped and sold into slavery. Faced with a human trafficking case, Ryan calls the Phoenix Field Office and is assigned to work with veteran agent, Zachary Evans. However, Zach has his own secret agenda. While he is helping Ryan rescue the girls, he is determined to connect the trafficking ring with El Padrino, a Mexican cartel leader who had recently put a hit on Zach’s family.
Their heroic actions do not go unpunished. The men behind the ring are too afraid to report that they lost their girls, so they target Carson to tell them where they are. It is up to Ryan's team to protect her, and Ryan falls hard for the kindhearted nurse in the process. However, as he is preparing to build a future with Carson, he is also becoming suspicious of Zach's motivation. He knows that Zach’s family is illegally working to build a case against El Padrino, and that knowledge comes in handy when tragedy strikes.

The Evans Domination begins as they band together to track down El Padrino, knowing their plan could fail if they attempt to save Carson Armstrong. In true Evans fashion, they are ready to risk it all to help the girl who has captured Ryan Harmon’s heart. The only problem is: will they make it in time?

June 28
Collette Scott
Smashwords, Inc.

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