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For the first time ever, the Hope Town books are being bundled!  Join us for the first three books in the series!  Complete with all new bonus content!    

You fell in love with them as children in the Corps Security Series, but now, watch them fall in love with a spin-off series of their own, the Hope Town Series.  Made for love like you’ve never seen before, the second generation of alpha men and strong heroines are all grown up and full of sass.

Join them in the first three Hope Town books—with never-before-seen deleted scenes and bonus chapters.

October 31
Harper Sloan
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Anaxkolasi ,


Unexpected Fate
This is the first book in the spin-off of Corps Security: The Series. In this book we get the grownup Cohen Cage, the sweet little boy we first meet in Cage. He and Dani (Axel and Izzy’s daughter) have grown up always knowing each other and Dani has always been in love with Cohen. Cohen tried as long as he could to keep his feelings hidden because they have an almost five year age difference and Dani was too young. He was also afraid of what their close-knit families would think. When they finally come together it is the night before Cohen is deployed overseas and they confess their feelings. While he is there worrying about Dani she is dealing with some crazy stuff at home. Will their new relationship be able to withstand the distance and the unforeseen circumstances at home? I love when authors write multi-generational series and I am glad to get this series of the Corps Security men’s children.

Bleeding Love
Megan has had a terrible life. She is a single mother who we met in Unexpected Fate. Her husband was killed overseas. He was her best friend growing up with her crappy parents and she misses him dearly. She meets Liam (Lee) through Cohen and Dani (Unexpected Fate). From the time he sees her Lee knows she is the one, but he also knows that she has shut herself down from caring for anyone but her daughter. They are often in the same social situations and he watches her only speaking to her now and then so he doesn’t push her away, until he can see she is in a little better place and then he makes his move. Lee won’t let up until she is living again. He was very sweet and never really waivered in his feelings for her and he loved her daughter just as much. I would recommend you read Corps Security: The Series first, especially Beck (Liam’s parents story). It can be a stand alone but it’s nice to have the background on their parents in my opinion.

When I’m With You
This is Nate (Axel and Izzy’s son) and Ember’s (Maddox and Emmy’s daughter) story. They have known each other their entire lives. When Ember first professes her love Nate pushes her away because she is so young and they have a 6 year age difference. A while later Nate makes one big mistake and hurts Ember without knowing it. When he finally figures out why she has pulled so far away he realizes he can’t let her go and sets out to win her love back. Ember doesn’t want to be hurt again and she pushes to keep Nate away. She has a boyfriend in the beginning who she had already been planning to break up with, because she really feels nothing for him. They had only been together a couple of months. Some drama ensues on their way to happily ever after. This book had four great epilogues and I think you should read Corps Security: The Series to have some background, but it isn’t necessary.

jericho's girl ,

Like it...like it not...

Loved Dani & Cohen’s story. Liked Liam from Dani’s story but not Megan so I didn’t read their story. Ember & Nate’s story was very, very similar to Dani & Cage’s - even the dialogues in a few pivotal scenes read the same. I stopped reDing a few times because I could have sworn I’ve already read it before.

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