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God’s love, plans, and promises for you are forever unfolding.
I get it, Momma. I totally get it.

Every day you wake up and try your very best. You love, give, and pour out your life for the ones who call you Momma. But no matter how much you offer, there are still days you feel as though you come up short. You worry, Am I loving these babies enough? Is this ever going to get easier? Why does it seem like I am the only one who cannot balance it all?

Sometimes, we just need hope (and maybe a long uninterrupted nap).

We need someone to help tune our hearts to the voice of the Father and to remind us that He has not forgotten about us.

In Hope Unfolding, Becky Thompson is a friend who reminds you that you aren’t alone, and that God is still writing your story. She guides you to encounter the Truth of God’s presence that not only fuels you with strength, but also a fresh confidence. And beyond gaining faith that tomorrow could be different, you find hope and purpose where you are standing today.

Religion & Spirituality
March 15
The Crown Publishing Group
Penguin Random House LLC

Customer Reviews

JessB1979 ,

Hope Unfolded

This was the best (most worthwhile) books that I have ever read! Thank you, Becky Thompson! Your words really spoke to my heart, exactly when I needed them to!! I don't think that I have ever laughed or cried more throughout a book! Thank you for helping me to re-establish my relationship with The Lord!

Ajacorn222 ,

A Must Read For Every Mom!

I heard about Hope Unfolding through the Scissortail SILK blog on facebook. The author, Becky Thompson, and I have never met, although I feel like we have. After reading this book I feel like we've been friends for years. Surely she must have been there through all my mommy struggles to be able to articulate exactly what my heart has been saying for so long? Her words are filled with so much hope and grace and love. Every time I sat down to read some more I finished feeling SO encouraged! God used her to speak exactly what I needed to hear, right when I needed to hear it. And the very best part is that her words will actually cause you to seek our Father's face. Any book that can do that is definitely worth reading!

MacKenzie Prus ,

Uplifting and Refreshing!

I couldn't get enough of this book!! Moms, you're gonna want to get your hands on this one. It's Like sitting with your best friends over coffee discussing kids and motherhood, all of life's challenges/accomplishments, and how Jesus's Divine Grace is constant, omnipresent and never failing. Holy Smokes it is SO.GOOD.

I highly recommend this to new mom, soon to be moms and even veteran mommas! Young and old alike will take away so much grace from this easy and fulfilling read. If you weren't familiar with Becky Thompson of the blog Scissortail SILK, you certainly will be after this book! 

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