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Despite the fact that the documentary evidence is all around: the official U.N. Status Reports on the progress of the sales to Iran of prohibited nuclear weapons assets listed on INFCIRC/254/Rev.9/Part 2 and INFCIRC/254/Rev.10/Part 2 are easily available (although the reports only affirm that non-specific contraband is being sold). As is documented in the JCPOA itself; the IAEA is specifically prevented from knowing exactly what is being sold Iran, or investigating where in Iran assets are kept, or what these are being used for. The IAEA is kept out of any knowledge of any chain of custody of the sold items despite that the IAEA is required by treaty to inspect them with a view towards verifying that nothing is being diverted to the development of nuclear weapons;
Despite that the JCPOA gave Iran permission, in violation of treaty, to engage in "Activities Which Could Contribute to The Design And Development of a Nuclear Explosive Device" since 16 January 2016; and that the IAEA is also prohibited by the JCPOA from inspecting any aspect of this with a view towards verifying that none of this is being diverted to the development of nuclear weapons;
Despite those and many other things examined in the writing inside – the pro-weapons proliferation political movement in control of the Democratic Party would have us all believe, as their election campaign platform declares: "We support the nuclear agreement with Iran because…it cuts off all of Iran’s pathways to a bomb."
This cabal of politicians seeking election for one of their number is clearly to be construed as inclined to serve the arms profiteering interests of domestic weapons manufacturers and financial speculators. As to the contents of the politicians' own personal investment portfolios, I do not guess.
As time progresses, more Americans learn that without a doubt; Obama's scheme organized with Iran is dedicated to the interests of recognized domestic arms manufacturers willing to take part in the development of an Iranian nuclear weapons program. That the scheme utterly violates international treaty and law is clear. And we learn from this that the Security Council can easily violate international law at will until such time as the International Court of Justice is brought in to correct the situation.
Democratic Party Hopefuls vow that they will re-renegotiate the "Perfect Deal" which prevents Iran from ever getting a nuclear weapon. They never explain why they feel they must renegotiate perfection. In any case, Obama & the Ministers of Iran have from the beginning nailed it down under international law that the deal cannot be renegotiated without the consent of Iran (explained inside). And Iran will never consent to allow the United States back into to the deal for obvious reasons:
Through the antics of the Procurement Working Group, Iran has been given, and has secured an enormous strategic military advantage over the U.S. From Nov. 2016 through early May 2018; while Trump lollygagged indecisively over whether the U.S. should be out of the deal; Iran made hay buying U.S. goods, services and technologies, as we shall examine inside. Now Russia, China and Iran all have the chance to backwards engineer what the U.S. has got; but the U.S. has no idea what Iran has. And Iran doesn't need to let the U.S. back on the Procurement Working Group to find out. If the U.S. wants to sell Iran more weapons and Intel, that should work; but the U.S. isn't coming back in.
For most Citizens, the proliferation of nuclear weapons runs deeply contrary to any sense of morality. Nevertheless, these frivolous, entirely corrupt politicians, who publicly lie so idiotically in denial of well known facts, despite their abuse of the electorate, actually feel entitled to win the Presidency.
The cabal in control of the Democrats does not show capacity to reflect upon the Bombastic Obscenity they have, under their ruler-ship over the past few years, converted that political party into.

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May 15
Jean-Marc Lebouquin
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