Hostage Rescue Team Series Box Set: Vol. I

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When danger lurks behind a familiar face…

Successful architect Rachel Granger loves her job and her life, but when a terrorist on the FBI’s most wanted list targets her, there’s only one man she can trust. She hasn’t seen Jake in years but her former college friend told her he’d always be there for her and she definitely needs him now. Even though her feelings for him go far deeper than friendship and just being around him risks her heart, she would do anything to keep those she loves safe from a madman bent on unleashing hell.

Only one man from her past can help

FBI Special Agent Jake Evers made the biggest mistake of his life when he let Rachel slip through his fingers over two years ago. It doesn’t matter that he hasn’t seen her since then—if she needs him, he’ll be there. When he learns that she’s the target of a domestic terror cell, he’ll do everything in his power to keep her safe. He’s never gotten over her and won’t risk losing her again now that she’s reappeared in his life. But the threat is more widespread than they realized and now it’s a race against time to keep her and scores of innocent civilians alive.


They were partners once

After an attack on the job that nearly killed her, Special Agent Celida Morales is determined to salvage her reputation in the FBI and get back to the career she loves. Domestic terrorism has left its mark on her—literally—and now she’s more determined than ever to leave her mark on it. But when a hostage situation takes an unexpected turn she’s confronted with the realization that she may not only lose the hostages, but also the only man she’s lost her heart to.

To be together now, this time they’ll have to risk it all

Hostage Rescue Team assault team leader Brad Tucker has always wanted Celida but professional conduct and her unwillingness to commit stood in the way. For more than a year he’s been juggling the increasing demands of his job and personal life, but after Celida was almost killed, none of those reasons matter anymore. Tuck knows it’s time to claim her and he’s ready to lay it all on the line. Then an op turns deadly and it’s a race to bring down a well-trained enemy bent on settling an old score, a man who doesn’t care how many innocent people get in his way.


She’s the one woman he can’t have.

Past experience has taught FBI Special Agent Clay Bauer not to trust his judgment when it comes to the opposite sex, yet despite his jaded outlook there’s one woman he can’t get out of his head—and she’s off limits. They’re opposites in every way but Zoe’s gotten deep under his skin and when she’s drawn into a dangerous situation against a faceless enemy he steps in to help protect her. Then she disappears without a trace and the loss leaves him reeling. Now he’ll do whatever it takes to bring her back alive.

April 12
Kaylea Cross Inc.
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

isalaur ,

Great series!

This third book in the Hostage Rescue Team series has it all...suspense, intrigue, romance, humor, heart-tugging moments. I couldn't put it down.

Clay and Zoe are my favorite characters in this series yet. From the set up background we got on them in book 2 I was anxious for their story. Clay's back story is touchy and Zoe is the perfect foil for him. Her independence and lack of concern over what others think of her is just what he needs to help him heal.

The suspense part of this story related to an abused woman trying to escape her abuser with Zoe's help is a bit predictable and when Zoe is left alone anyone with two brain cells can see what's coming...which makes no sense given the protective nature of Clay as well as her cousin Tuck. The climatic precipitating event is well written and doesn't insult the reader's intelligence like so many do. Unfortunately the author seems to make an argument for not keeping firearms safely stored which I found bothersome. Minor quibble with the story though. I will definitely read the rest of the books in this series.

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