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LizBeth’s life somewhat resembles a circus, running from place to place with a challenging career and a young daughter.  When she manages to swing some much needed time off, she and her daughter take a cruise, where Lizbeth meets a man who is intriguing and mysterious.  Oozing charm, he easily wins her heart.  Lizbeth has no idea what she has stumbled into with the handsome stranger, until the night when her daughter is nowhere to be found.


Kevin’s wallet was on the dresser and Lizbeth opened it to picture after picture of Grant and in the very back was a photograph of Sara in a cap and gown.  It was her college graduation photo.  Lizbeth was certain that Kevin had said the girl was still in college.  She tucked the photograph back inside Kevin’s wallet and lay down on the bed.  How long has he known Sara? 


The man with the secret plan looked at LizBeth with the eyes of a deceitful yet concerned lover.  “I’ll be upstairs,” he said, and he disappeared up the long spiral staircase.  He closed the door behind him and took a hot shower.  He wanted to get things done quickly and wash away the pain of this horrible nightmare.  Sara had gone too far this time.

Sometime later, wearing nothing but a towel, Kevin walked into Lizbeth’s room and locked the door behind him.  His hair was wet and droplets of water were sprinkled throughout the thick hair on his body, making his skin glisten underneath its coat of hair that felt as soft as down.  LizBeth barely opened her eyes when he called her name and Kevin appeared to her through a thick fog.  He came closer to her and in one swift blurry motion he untied the towel, and Lizbeth watched as it fell to the floor beside her.

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March 28
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